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Name Description Modified (UTC) Size
sync These files are managed in the android-sync repo. Do not modify directly, or your changes will be lo
ANRReporter.java 22.6 kB
AboutPages.java 3.0 kB
ActionModeCompat.java 3.4 kB
ActionModeCompatView.java 5.9 kB
ActivityHandlerHelper.java 1.6 kB
AlertNotification.java 4.1 kB
AndroidManifest.xml.in 17.5 kB
App.java.in This class serves only as a namespace wrapper for BrowserApp. 491 Bytes
AppConstants.java.in A collection of constants that pertain to the build and runtime state of the * application. Typical 5.0 kB
AppNotificationClient.java Client for posting notifications in the application. 729 Bytes
Assert.java 810 Bytes
BaseGeckoInterface.java 4.3 kB
BrowserApp.java 106.9 kB
BrowserLocaleManager.java This class manages persistence, application, and otherwise handling of * user-specified locales. * 9.7 kB
ContactService.java 88.9 kB
ContextGetter.java 496 Bytes
CrashReporter.java 19.5 kB
CustomEditText.java 2.7 kB
DataReportingNotification.java 6.8 kB
Distribution.java 12.4 kB
DoorHangerPopup.java 12.2 kB
DynamicToolbar.java 4.8 kB
EditBookmarkDialog.java A dialog that allows editing a bookmarks url, title, or keywords * <p> * Invoked by calling one of 9.8 kB
EventDispatcher.java 11.4 kB
FilePicker.java Show 9.3 kB
FilePickerResultHandler.java 10.1 kB
FindInPageBar.java 6.0 kB
FormAssistPopup.java 16.3 kB
GeckoAccessibility.java 22.1 kB
GeckoActivity.java 3.1 kB
GeckoActivityStatus.java 394 Bytes
GeckoApp.java 113.9 kB
GeckoAppShell.java 105.3 kB
GeckoApplication.java 4.7 kB
GeckoBatteryManager.java 7.7 kB
GeckoConnectivityReceiver.java 2.9 kB
GeckoEditable.java interface for the Editable to listen to the Gecko thread and also for the IC thread to listen to 49.8 kB
GeckoEvent.java We're not allowed to hold on to most events given to us * so we save the parts of the events we wan 31.9 kB
GeckoHalDefines.java 1.0 kB
GeckoInputConnection.java 43.8 kB
GeckoJavaSampler.java 7.9 kB
GeckoMessageReceiver.java 699 Bytes
GeckoNetworkManager.java A part of the work of GeckoNetworkManager is to give an general connection * type based on the curr 8.7 kB
GeckoProfile.java 21.9 kB
GeckoProfileDirectories.java <code>GeckoProfileDirectories</code> manages access to mappings from profile * names to salted prof 9.0 kB
GeckoProfilesProvider.java This is not a per-profile provider. This provider allows read-only, * restricted access to certain 5.4 kB
GeckoScreenOrientation.java Updates, locks and unlocks the screen orientation. * * Note: Replaces the OnOrientationChangeListe 13.7 kB
GeckoSharedPrefs.java {@code GeckoSharedPrefs} provides scoped SharedPreferences instances. * You should use this API ins 9.9 kB
GeckoSmsManager.java This class is returning unique ids for PendingIntent requestCode attribute. * There are only |Integ 34.7 kB
GeckoThread.java 6.8 kB
GeckoUpdateReceiver.java 954 Bytes
GeckoView.java 22.3 kB
GeckoViewChrome.java 2.6 kB
GeckoViewContent.java 2.3 kB
GlobalHistory.java 4.7 kB
InputMethods.java 4.5 kB
JavaAddonManager.java The manager for addon-provided Java code. * * Java code in addons can be loaded using the Dex:Load 8.4 kB
LightweightTheme.java 13.3 kB
LightweightThemeDrawable.java A special drawable used with lightweight themes. This draws a color * (with an optional color-filt 4.2 kB
LocaleManager.java 754 Bytes
Makefile.in 12.4 kB
MediaCastingBar.java 4.2 kB
MemoryMonitor.java This is a utility class to keep track of how much memory and disk-space pressure * the system is u 9.3 kB
MotionEventInterceptor.java 491 Bytes
NSSBridge.java 1.9 kB
NotificationClient.java Client for posting notifications through a NotificationHandler. 6.4 kB
NotificationHandler.java 7.6 kB
NotificationHelper.java 14.1 kB
NotificationService.java 1.7 kB
OrderedBroadcastHelper.java Helper class to send Android Ordered Broadcasts. 4.9 kB
PrefsHelper.java Helper class to get/set gecko prefs. 7.2 kB
PrivateTab.java 692 Bytes
ReaderModeUtils.java 1.4 kB
ReferrerReceiver.java 2.3 kB
RemoteTabsContainer.java Provides a container to wrap the list of synced tabs and provide swipe-to-refresh support. The * on 3.9 kB
RemoteTabsList.java The actual list of synced tabs. This serves as the only child view of {@link RemoteTabsContainer} * 4.7 kB
Restarter.java 2.1 kB
ScrollAnimator.java 2.8 kB
ServiceNotificationClient.java Client for posting notifications through the NotificationService. 2.7 kB
SessionParser.java 3.2 kB
SharedPreferencesHelper.java Helper class to get, set, and observe Android Shared Preferences. 10.4 kB
SiteIdentity.java 3.0 kB
SmsManager.java 1.2 kB
SurfaceBits.java 491 Bytes
SysInfo.java.in A collection of system info values, broadly mirroring a subset of * nsSystemInfo. See also the cons 4.6 kB
Tab.java width 25.7 kB
Tabs.java mode 30.1 kB
TabsAccessor.java 8.3 kB
TabsPanel.java 15.6 kB
TabsTray.java 23.5 kB
Telemetry.java All telemetry times are relative to one of two clocks: * * * Real time since the device was boote 4.6 kB
TelemetryContract.java Holds data definitions for our UI Telemetry implementation. 5.2 kB
TextSelection.java 13.1 kB
TextSelectionHandle.java 7.3 kB
ThumbnailHelper.java Helper class to generate thumbnails for tabs. * Internally, a queue of pending thumbnails is mainta 8.5 kB
TouchEventInterceptor.java 613 Bytes
VideoPlayer.java 3.6 kB
WebApps.java.in Declare a predefined number of Webapp<num> classes to the Webapps class. * These are used so that e 688 Bytes
Webapp.java.in This class serves only as a namespace wrapper for WebappImpl. 579 Bytes
WebappAllocator.java 4.2 kB
WebappFragmentRepeater.inc 3.9 kB
WebappImpl.java 9.0 kB
WebappManifestFragment.xml.frag.in 1.0 kB
WebappsFragment.java.frag 119 Bytes
ZoomConstraints.java 1.6 kB
android-services.mozbuild 50.9 kB
fennec-ids-generator.py 1.7 kB
jni-generator.py Class to convert a javah-produced JNI stub file into stubs/bindings files for inclusion into moz 4.4 kB
moz.build 21.1 kB
package-name.txt.in 44 Bytes
strings.xml.in 23.3 kB