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Name Description Modified (UTC) Size
ChangeAttributeTxn.cpp EditTxn 3.4 kB
ChangeAttributeTxn.h public EditTxn 2.1 kB
ChangeCSSInlineStyleTxn.cpp EditTxn 10.7 kB
ChangeCSSInlineStyleTxn.h public EditTxn 4.3 kB
CreateElementTxn.cpp EditTxn 5.0 kB
CreateElementTxn.h public EditTxn 2.0 kB
DeleteNodeTxn.cpp EditTxn 2.9 kB
DeleteNodeTxn.h public EditTxn 1.4 kB
DeleteRangeTxn.cpp EditAggregateTxn 6.6 kB
DeleteRangeTxn.h public EditAggregateTxn 1.9 kB
DeleteTextTxn.cpp EditTxn 3.3 kB
DeleteTextTxn.h public EditTxn 2.0 kB
EditActionListener.h 482 Bytes
EditAggregateTxn.cpp EditTxn 3.5 kB
EditAggregateTxn.h public EditTxn 1.3 kB
EditTxn.cpp LastRelease 1.3 kB
EditTxn.h public nsITransaction 1.1 kB
IMETextTxn.cpp EditTxn 10.7 kB
IMETextTxn.h public EditTxn 2.5 kB
InsertElementTxn.cpp EditTxn 3.7 kB
InsertElementTxn.h public EditTxn 1.6 kB
InsertTextTxn.cpp EditTxn 4.7 kB
InsertTextTxn.h public EditTxn 2.5 kB
JoinElementTxn.cpp EditTxn 4.6 kB
JoinElementTxn.h public EditTxn 2.1 kB
PlaceholderTxn.cpp 8.2 kB
PlaceholderTxn.h public EditAggregateTxn 2.8 kB
SetDocTitleTxn.cpp 5.7 kB
SetDocTitleTxn.h public EditTxn 1.6 kB
SplitElementTxn.cpp EditTxn 5.7 kB
SplitElementTxn.h public EditTxn 2.2 kB
moz.build 1.1 kB
nsEditProperty.h simple interface for describing a single property as it relates to a range of content. * 697 Bytes
nsEditPropertyAtomList.h This file contains the list of all editor nsIAtoms and their values It is designed to be used as 4.9 kB
nsEditRules.h base for an object to encapsulate any additional info needed to be passed * to rules system by the 2.0 kB
nsEditor.cpp 159.9 kB
nsEditor.h 35.2 kB
nsEditorCommands.cpp 29.5 kB
nsEditorCommands.h 2.8 kB
nsEditorController.cpp 6.1 kB
nsEditorController.h 1.1 kB
nsEditorEventListener.cpp 34.2 kB
nsEditorEventListener.h public nsIDOMEventListener 2.5 kB
nsEditorUtils.cpp nsAutoSelectionReset **************************************************************************** 6.2 kB
nsEditorUtils.h stack based helper class for batching a collection of txns inside a * placeholder txn. 6.5 kB
nsIAbsorbingTransaction.h public nsISupports 1.5 kB
nsSelectionState.cpp class for recording selection info. stores selection as collection of * { {startnode, startoffset} 17.3 kB
nsSelectionState.h class for recording selection info. stores selection as collection of * { {startnode, startoffset} 8.4 kB
nsStyleSheetTxns.cpp 3.5 kB
nsStyleSheetTxns.h 2.1 kB