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Name Description Modified (UTC) Size
3d-cube.html SunSpider 3d-cube 9.7 kB
3d-morph.html SunSpider 3d-morph 3.5 kB
3d-raytrace.html SunSpider 3d-raytrace 16.0 kB
3d-thingy.html 3d thingy 13.1 kB
access-binary-trees.html SunSpider access-binary-trees 2.9 kB
access-fannkuch.html SunSpider access-fannkuch 3.2 kB
access-nbody.html SunSpider access-nbody 5.8 kB
access-nsieve.html SunSpider access-nsieve 2.4 kB
bitops-3bit-bits-in-byte.html SunSpider bitops-3bit-bits-in-byte 2.4 kB
bitops-bits-in-byte.html SunSpider bitops-bits-in-byte 2.0 kB
bitops-bitwise-and.html SunSpider bitops-bitwise-and 3.1 kB
bitops-nsieve-bits.html SunSpider bitops-nsieve-bits 2.3 kB
controlflow-recursive.html SunSpider controlflow-recursive 2.2 kB
crypto-aes.html SunSpider crypto-aes 18.7 kB
crypto-md5.html SunSpider crypto-md5 11.4 kB
crypto-otp.html One-Time Pad Generator 44.0 kB
crypto-sha1.html SunSpider crypto-sha1 8.0 kB
date-format-tofte.html SunSpider date-format-tofte 12.2 kB
date-format-xparb.html SunSpider date-format-xparb 13.7 kB
key.gif 1.1 kB
math-cordic.html SunSpider math-cordic 4.3 kB
math-partial-sums.html SunSpider math-partial-sums 2.4 kB
math-spectral-norm.html SunSpider math-spectral-norm 2.5 kB
regexp-dna.html SunSpider regexp-dna 109.5 kB
string-base64.html SunSpider string-base64 5.0 kB
string-fasta.html SunSpider string-fasta 3.5 kB
string-tagcloud.html SunSpider string-tagcloud 176.6 kB
string-unpack-code.html SunSpider string-unpack-code 168.6 kB
string-validate-input.html SunSpider string-validate-input 3.6 kB
valid-xhtml10.png 2.4 kB