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Name Description Modified (UTC) Size
ActivitiesGlue.js 2.3 kB
AlertsService.js 5.2 kB
B2GAboutRedirector.js 2.1 kB
B2GComponents.manifest 4.5 kB
ContentHandler.js 4.6 kB
ContentPermissionPrompt.js 13.9 kB
DirectoryProvider.js 9.3 kB
ErrorPage.jsm A class to add exceptions to override SSL certificate problems. * The functionality itself is borro 6.1 kB
FilePicker.js No magic constructor behaviour, as is de rigeur for XPCOM. * If you must perform some initializatio 7.0 kB
FxAccountsMgmtService.jsm Some specific (certified) apps need to get access to certain Firefox Accounts * functionality that 4.4 kB
FxAccountsUIGlue.js 2.4 kB
GlobalSimulatorScreen.jsm 2.9 kB
HelperAppDialog.js 4.7 kB
MailtoProtocolHandler.js 1.5 kB
OopCommandLine.js 2.1 kB
PaymentGlue.js 7.0 kB
ProcessGlobal.js 2.2 kB
RecoveryService.js 4.0 kB
SignInToWebsite.jsm UX Controller and means for accessing identity 16.3 kB
SimulatorScreen.js 3.7 kB
SmsProtocolHandler.js SmsProtocolHandle.js * * This file implements the URLs for SMS * https://www.rfc-editor.org/rfc/r 2.1 kB
SystemAppProxy.jsm 3.4 kB
TelProtocolHandler.js TelProtocolHandle.js * * This file implements the URLs for Telephone Calls * https://www.ietf.org 1.8 kB
TelURIParser.jsm Singleton providing functionality for parsing tel: and sms: URIs 3.5 kB
UpdatePrompt.js 20.0 kB
WebappsUpdateTimer.js 2.1 kB
WebappsUpdater.jsm 2.8 kB
YoutubeProtocolHandler.js 2.4 kB
moz.build 1.5 kB