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Name Description Modified (UTC) Size
FrameworkView.cpp Due to issues on older platforms with linking the winrt runtime lib we * can't have ref new winrt v 15.2 kB
FrameworkView.h public Microsoft 9.6 kB
FrameworkViewGfx.cpp 2.1 kB
Makefile.in 1.4 kB
MetroApp.cpp 7.0 kB
MetroApp.h public Microsoft 2.0 kB
MetroAppShell.cpp 8.4 kB
MetroAppShell.h public nsBaseAppShell 1.1 kB
MetroContracts.cpp 19.9 kB
MetroInput.cpp 65.3 kB
MetroInput.h 12.5 kB
MetroUIUtils.js 5.2 kB
MetroUIUtils.manifest 161 Bytes
MetroUtils.cpp 6.6 kB
MetroUtils.h 3.7 kB
MetroWidget.cpp 36.7 kB
MetroWidget.h public nsWindowBase 8.2 kB
UIAAccessibilityBridge.cpp 1.3 kB
UIAAccessibilityBridge.h 1.9 kB
UIABridge.cpp 0xc78b35b5 16.6 kB
UIABridge.idl IInspectable 715 Bytes
UIABridgePrivate.h 4.6 kB
UIABridgePublic.h 540 Bytes
moz.build 649 Bytes
mozwrlbase.h Includes <wrl.h> and it's children. Defines imports needed by * corewrappers.h in the case where wi 1.4 kB
nsMetroFilePicker.cpp nsIFilePicker 14.9 kB
nsMetroFilePicker.h 2.6 kB
nsWinMetroUtils.cpp nsIWinMetroUtils 16.1 kB
nsWinMetroUtils.h public nsIWinMetroUtils 579 Bytes