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Name Description Modified (UTC) Size
CertUtils.jsm Reads a set of expected certificate attributes from preferences. The returned * array can be passed 7.9 kB
DeferredTask.jsm A task that will run after a delay. Multiple attempts to run the same task * before the delay will 2.2 kB
Deprecated.jsm Build a callstack log message. * * @param nsIStackFrame aStack * A callstack to be convert 2.4 kB
Dict.jsm Transforms a given key into a property name guaranteed not to collide with * any built-ins. 7.8 kB
FileUtils.jsm 4.7 kB
Geometry.jsm Simple Point class. * * Any method that takes an x and y may also take a point. 8.8 kB
InlineSpellChecker.jsm 10.7 kB
LightweightThemeConsumer.jsm 4.3 kB
Makefile.in 1.1 kB
NewTabUtils.jsm 22.0 kB
PageMenu.jsm 3.6 kB
PopupNotifications.jsm Notification object describes a single popup notification. * * @see PopupNotifications.show() 31.6 kB
Preferences.jsm 14.6 kB
PrivateBrowsingUtils.jsm 2.1 kB
Promise.jsm its 19.5 kB
PropertyListUtils.jsm Module for reading Property Lists (.plist) files * ------------------------------------------------ 29.1 kB
RemoteWebProgress.jsm 4.2 kB
Services.jsm 3.7 kB
Sqlite.jsm 28.3 kB
Task.jsm 8.9 kB
TelemetryTimestamps.jsm This module's purpose is to collect timestamps for important * application-specific events. * * T 1.8 kB
Timer.jsm JS module implementation of nsIDOMJSWindow.setTimeout and clearTimeout. 1.3 kB
Troubleshoot.jsm 12.5 kB
UpdateChannel.jsm 1.2 kB
WindowDraggingUtils.jsm 3.6 kB
debug.js This function provides a simple assertion function for JavaScript. * If the condition is true, this 3.1 kB
moz.build 331 Bytes