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Name Description Modified (UTC) Size
LoginManagerContent.jsm 33.1 kB
Makefile.in 588 Bytes
crypto-SDR.js 7.6 kB
jar.mn 707 Bytes
moz.build 834 Bytes
nsILoginInfo.idl nsISupports 3.8 kB
nsILoginManager.idl nsISupports 9.6 kB
nsILoginManagerCrypto.idl nsISupports 1.9 kB
nsILoginManagerIEMigrationHelper.idl nsISupports 807 Bytes
nsILoginManagerPrompter.idl nsISupports 2.4 kB
nsILoginManagerStorage.idl nsISupports 9.8 kB
nsILoginMetaInfo.idl nsISupports 1.9 kB
nsLoginInfo.js 3.5 kB
nsLoginManager.js 19.7 kB
nsLoginManagerPrompter.js LoginManagerPromptFactory * * Implements nsIPromptFactory * * Invoked by [toolkit/components/pro 54.2 kB
passwordmgr.manifest 1.1 kB
storage-Legacy.js 52.0 kB
storage-mozStorage.js Object that manages a database transaction properly so consumers don't have * to worry about it thr 58.5 kB