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Name Description Modified (UTC) Size
pywebsocket Install this package by:
Makefile.in 5.7 kB
README.txt ---------------- 2.5 kB
android.json 22.1 kB
androidx86.json 26.5 kB
b2g.json 24.4 kB
browser-harness.xul 8.8 kB
browser-test-overlay.xul 693 Bytes
browser-test.js 23.7 kB
cc-analyzer.js 3.1 kB
chrome-harness.js getChromeURI converts a URL to a URI * * url: string of a URL (http://mochi.test/test.html) * re 13.1 kB
chunkifyTests.js 2.5 kB
gen_template.pl b 345876 -type xul 1.1 kB
harness.xul 4.0 kB
install.rdf manifest 725 Bytes
intermediate-ev-tester.crl 541 Bytes
jar.mn 2.0 kB
mach_commands.py Easily run mochitests. This currently contains just the basics for running mochitests. We may w 11.2 kB
manifest.webapp 822 Bytes
moz.build 487 Bytes
pywebsocket_wrapper.py A wrapper around pywebsocket's standalone.py which causes it to ignore SIGINT. 877 Bytes
redirect.html redirecting... 675 Bytes
root-ev-tester.crl 557 Bytes
runtests.py Runs the Mochitest test harness. 41.6 kB
runtestsb2g.py 28.3 kB
runtestsremote.py 29.3 kB
runtestsvmware.py 14.9 kB
server.js Below, we'll use makeTagFunc to create a function for each of the * strings in 'tags'. This will al 20.3 kB