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Name Description Modified (UTC) Size
__init__.py 0 Bytes
copier.py Ensures the directory parent to the given file exists 10.5 kB
errors.py Exception type raised from errors.error() and errors.fatal() 4.1 kB
executables.py Check the signature of the give file and returns what kind of executable matches. 3.8 kB
files.py Helper interface for BaseFile.copy. The interface works as follows: - read() and write() can be 17.8 kB
mozjar.py Error type for Jar reader errors. 28.5 kB
path.py Like os.path, with a reduced set of functions, and with normalized path separators (always use forwa 3.9 kB
unify.py Return whether the given BaseFile instance is an ExecutableFile that may be unified. Only non-fa 7.4 kB