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Name Description Modified (UTC) Size
ArgumentsObject-inl.h 4.2 kB
ArgumentsObject.cpp inl 21.3 kB
ArgumentsObject.h ArgumentsData stores the initial indexed arguments provided to the * corresponding and that functio 9.3 kB
BooleanObject-inl.h 789 Bytes
BooleanObject.h public JSObject 1.3 kB
CharacterEncoding.cpp 4.6 kB
CommonPropertyNames.h A higher-order macro for enumerating all cached property names. 7.7 kB
DateTime.cpp Compute the offset in seconds from the current UTC time to the current local * standard time (i.e. 9.6 kB
DateTime.h Constants defined by ES5 6.7 kB
Debugger-inl.h 868 Bytes
Debugger.cpp Forward declarations *********************************************************************** 181.9 kB
Debugger.h A weakmap that supports the keys being in different compartments to the * values, although all valu 27.3 kB
ForkJoin.cpp 67.2 kB
ForkJoin.h 19.1 kB
GeneratorObject.h public JSObject 635 Bytes
GlobalObject-inl.h 5.4 kB
GlobalObject.cpp inl 21.3 kB
GlobalObject.h Global object slots are reserved as follows: * * [0, JSProto_LIMIT) * Stores the original value 18.3 kB
Interpreter-inl.h Compute the implicit |this| parameter for a call expression where the callee * funval was resolved 33.1 kB
Interpreter.cpp inl 108.1 kB
Interpreter.h JS interpreter interface. 17.5 kB
Keywords.h A higher-order macro for enumerating keyword tokens. 4.5 kB
MatchPairs.h RegExp match results are succinctly represented by pairs of integer * indices delimiting (start, li 4.2 kB
Monitor.cpp 581 Bytes
Monitor.h 2.2 kB
NumberObject-inl.h 777 Bytes
NumberObject.h public JSObject 1.3 kB
NumericConversions.h A NaN whose bit pattern conforms to JS::Value's bit pattern restrictions. 11.5 kB
ObjectImpl-inl.h 11.2 kB
ObjectImpl.cpp inl 33.2 kB
ObjectImpl.h Properties are stored differently depending on the type of the key. If the * key is an unsigned 32 57.1 kB
Probes-inl.h Many probe handlers are implemented inline for minimal performance impact, * especially important w 3.4 kB
Probes.cpp inl 2.5 kB
Probes.h the mere existence of the probe is too expensive even if it 5.2 kB
PropertyKey.cpp PropertyKey implementation details. 938 Bytes
RegExpObject-inl.h 3.3 kB
RegExpObject.cpp inl 24.4 kB
RegExpObject.h The JS-visible object whose 14.2 kB
RegExpStatics-inl.h 16.7 kB
RegExpStatics.cpp inl 3.2 kB
RegExpStatics.h 651 Bytes
SPSProfiler.cpp 8.0 kB
SPSProfiler.h 15.4 kB
ScopeObject-inl.h 6.7 kB
ScopeObject.cpp inl 73.3 kB
ScopeObject.h / /* * All function scripts have an "enclosing static scope" that refers to the * innermost enclo 22.6 kB
SelfHosting.cpp A linked-list container for self-hosted prototypes that have need of a * Class for reserved slots. 30.0 kB
Shape-inl.h 14.7 kB
Shape.cpp inl 46.3 kB
Shape.h 41.0 kB
Stack-inl.h We cache name lookup results only for the global object or for native * non-global objects without 21.2 kB
Stack.cpp inl 37.6 kB
Stack.h 47.8 kB
StopIterationObject.h public JSObject 566 Bytes
String-inl.h 13.5 kB
String.cpp inl 19.6 kB
String.h a 31.3 kB
StringBuffer.cpp 2.6 kB
StringBuffer.h String builder that eagerly checks for over-allocation past the maximum * string length. * * Any 5.1 kB
StringObject-inl.h 1.5 kB
StringObject.h public JSObject 2.1 kB
ThreadPool.cpp 8.1 kB
ThreadPool.h 3.5 kB
Unicode.cpp Generated by make_unicode.py DO NOT MODIFY 57.5 kB
Unicode.h This enum contains the all the knowledge required to handle * Unicode in JavaScript. * * SPACE * 6.0 kB
UnicodeData.txt 1.4 MB
WeakMapObject.h public JSObject 724 Bytes
Xdr.cpp 4.1 kB
Xdr.h Bytecode version number. Increment the subtrahend whenever JS bytecode * changes incompatibly. * 6.4 kB
make_unicode.py 11.6 kB