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Name Description Modified (UTC) Size
Anchor.h JS::Anchor implementation. 6.5 kB
CallArgs.h Helper classes encapsulating access to the callee, |this| value, arguments, * and argument count fo 12.8 kB
CharacterEncoding.h By default, all C/C++ 1-byte-per-character strings passed into the JSAPI * are treated as ISO/IEC 8 4.9 kB
Date.h 1.2 kB
GCAPI.h 10.0 kB
HashTable.h 46.9 kB
HeapAPI.h These values are private to the JS engine. 3.6 kB
LegacyIntTypes.h This section typedefs the old 'native' types to the new <stdint.h> types. * These redefinitions are 2.1 kB
MemoryMetrics.h 14.6 kB
PropertyKey.h JS::PropertyKey implementation. 2.8 kB
RequiredDefines.h Various #defines required to build SpiderMonkey. Embedders should add this * file to the start of 867 Bytes
RootingAPI.h 28.5 kB
TemplateLib.h Library of reusable template meta-functions (that is, functions on types and * compile-time values) 4.1 kB
Utility.h The public JS engine namespace. 28.0 kB
Value.h JS::Value implementation. 50.2 kB
Vector.h Silence dire "bugs in previous versions of MSVC have been fixed" warnings 31.3 kB