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Name Description Modified (UTC) Size
AsyncCompositionManager.cpp 24.2 kB
AsyncCompositionManager.h Manage async composition effects. This class is only used with OMTC and only * lives on the composi 7.2 kB
CanvasLayerComposite.cpp 3.2 kB
CanvasLayerComposite.h public CanvasLayer 2.0 kB
ColorLayerComposite.cpp 1.7 kB
ColorLayerComposite.h public ColorLayer 1.6 kB
CompositableHost.cpp static 4.5 kB
CompositableHost.h public RefCounted 10.3 kB
ContainerLayerComposite.cpp 12.1 kB
ContainerLayerComposite.h public ContainerLayer 3.4 kB
ContentHost.cpp 26.4 kB
ContentHost.h public CompositableHost 11.7 kB
ImageHost.cpp 6.3 kB
ImageHost.h public CompositableHost 4.2 kB
ImageLayerComposite.cpp 4.2 kB
ImageLayerComposite.h public ImageLayer 1.8 kB
LayerManagerComposite.cpp 21.8 kB
LayerManagerComposite.h public LayerManager 11.3 kB
TextureHost.cpp static 4.2 kB
TextureHost.h A view on a TextureHost where the texture is internally represented as tiles * (contrast with a til 13.0 kB
ThebesLayerComposite.cpp 9.4 kB
ThebesLayerComposite.h public ThebesLayer 2.5 kB
TiledContentHost.cpp 13.5 kB
TiledContentHost.h 8.5 kB