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Name Description Modified (UTC) Size
Makefile.in 818 Bytes
nsDebugHelpWin32.cpp 10.5 kB
nsDebugHelpWin32.h Win32 x86/x64 code for stack walking, symbol resolution, and function hooking 8.4 kB
nsTraceMalloc.c 61.3 kB
nsTraceMalloc.h Magic "number" at start of a trace-malloc log file. Inspired by the PNG * magic string, which insp 7.3 kB
nsTraceMallocCallbacks.h declarations needed by both nsTraceMalloc.c and nsWinTraceMalloc.cpp 1.8 kB
nsTypeInfo.cpp typeinfo.cpp Speculatively use RTTI on a random object. If it contains a pointer at offset 0 t 7.4 kB
nsTypeInfo.h 543 Bytes
nsWinTraceMalloc.cpp 7.4 kB
tm.def 498 Bytes