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Name Description Modified (UTC) Size
CHANGES changes for libpng 191.3 kB
Makefile.in 992 Bytes
README README for libpng version 1.5.11 - June 14, 2012 (shared library 15.0) 10.4 kB
apng.patch 61.7 kB
libpng-manual.txt A description on how to use and modify libpng 195.1 kB
mozpngconf.h The PNG_PEDANTIC_WARNINGS (attributes) fail to build with some MSC * compilers; we'll play it safe 34.2 kB
png.c location for general purpose libpng functions 92.8 kB
png.h header file for PNG reference library 119.3 kB
pngconf.h machine configurable file for libpng 21.4 kB
pngdebug.h Debugging macros for libpng 5.4 kB
pngerror.c stub functions for i 20.5 kB
pngget.c retrieval of values from info struct 35.1 kB
pnginfo.h header file for PNG reference library 12.8 kB
pngmem.c stub functions for memory allocation 17.7 kB
pngpread.c read a png file in push mode 42.4 kB
pngpriv.h private declarations for use inside libpng 66.7 kB
pngread.c read a PNG file 42.5 kB
pngrio.c functions for data input 5.2 kB
pngrtran.c transforms the data in a row for PNG readers 168.1 kB
pngrutil.c utilities to read a PNG file 130.7 kB
pngset.c storage of image information into info struct 41.5 kB
pngstruct.h header file for PNG reference library 16.2 kB
pngtrans.c transforms the data in a row 22.8 kB
pngwio.c functions for data output 7.6 kB
pngwrite.c general routines to write a PNG file 52.7 kB
pngwtran.c transforms the data in a row for PNG writers 17.3 kB
pngwutil.c utilities to write a PNG file 95.5 kB