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Name Description Modified (UTC) Size
BinaryStream.h Provides binary serialization of simple types 2.8 kB
Blit.cpp Surface copy utility class 13.6 kB
Blit.h 3.0 kB
Buffer.cpp Implements the gl 2.6 kB
Buffer.h Defines the gl 1.5 kB
Context.cpp Implements the gl 140.9 kB
Context.h Defines the gl 20.9 kB
Fence.cpp Implements the gl 2.9 kB
Fence.h Defines the gl 912 Bytes
Framebuffer.cpp Implements the gl 13.4 kB
Framebuffer.h Defines the gl 2.4 kB
HandleAllocator.cpp Implements the gl 1.2 kB
HandleAllocator.h Defines the gl 885 Bytes
IndexDataManager.cpp Defines the IndexDataManager 13.3 kB
IndexDataManager.h Defines the IndexDataManager 3.6 kB
Makefile.in 4.5 kB
Program.cpp Implements the gl 10.1 kB
Program.h Defines the gl 3.0 kB
ProgramBinary.cpp 83.4 kB
ProgramBinary.h 8.2 kB
Query.cpp Implements the gl 2.6 kB
Query.h Defines the gl 854 Bytes
Renderbuffer.cpp the gl 14.0 kB
Renderbuffer.h Defines the wrapper class gl 7.0 kB
ResourceManager.cpp Implements the gl 7.2 kB
ResourceManager.h Defines the ResourceManager class 2.5 kB
Shader.cpp Implements the gl 13.1 kB
Shader.h Defines the abstract gl 3.9 kB
Texture.cpp Implements the gl 85.5 kB
Texture.h Defines the abstract gl 17.7 kB
VertexDataManager.cpp a class that 30.7 kB
VertexDataManager.h Defines the VertexDataManager 4.8 kB
libGLESv2.cpp Implements the exported OpenGL ES 2 191.4 kB
libGLESv2.def 7.2 kB
libGLESv2.rc 2.4 kB
libGLESv2.vcproj 12.6 kB
main.cpp DLL entry point and management of thread-local data 3.9 kB
main.h Management of thread-local data 952 Bytes
mathutil.h Math and bit manipulation functions 1.6 kB
resource.h 389 Bytes
utilities.cpp Conversion functions and other utility routines 28.8 kB
utilities.h Conversion functions and other utility routines 3.7 kB
vertexconversion.h A library of vertex conversion classes that can be used to build 5.9 kB