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Name Description Modified (UTC) Size
AlertNotification.java 3.9 kB
AndroidManifest.xml.in 6.7 kB
App.java.in 586 Bytes
CrashReporter.java.in 12.4 kB
GeckoApp.java 33.2 kB
GeckoAppShell.java 73.2 kB
GeckoBatteryManager.java 5.2 kB
GeckoConnectivityReceiver.java 1.0 kB
GeckoEvent.java We're not allowed to hold on to most events given to us * so we save the parts of the events we wan 11.5 kB
GeckoInputConnection.java 25.9 kB
GeckoNetworkManager.java 9.8 kB
GeckoScreenOrientationListener.java 5.1 kB
GeckoSmsManager.java This class is returning unique ids for PendingIntent requestCode attribute. * There are only |Integ 31.2 kB
GeckoSurfaceView.java GeckoSurfaceView implements a GL surface view, * similar to GLSurfaceView. However, since we * al 28.2 kB
LauncherShortcuts.java.in 8.0 kB
Makefile.in 5.8 kB
NotificationHandler.java.in 2.9 kB
Restarter.java.in 2.3 kB
SmsManager.java.in 1.4 kB
SurfaceInfo.java 331 Bytes
VideoPlayer.java 3.3 kB
strings.xml.in 1.4 kB