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Name Description Modified (UTC) Size
robocop Robocop is a Mozilla project which uses Robotium to test Firefox on Android devices.
b2gautomation.py Process handler for b2g which puts all output in a Queue. 13.0 kB
b2gemulator.py self 3.4 kB
devicemanager-utils.py 1.7 kB
devicemanager.py executes shell command on device timeout is specified in seconds, and if no timeout is given, 16.1 kB
devicemanagerADB.py 31.0 kB
devicemanagerSUT.py 37.8 kB
droid.py Mixin to extend DeviceManager with Android-specific functionality 2.6 kB
emulator.py Process handler for logcat which saves all output to a logfile. 10.1 kB
emulator_battery.py 1.6 kB
remoteautomation.py 8.3 kB