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Name Description Modified (UTC) Size
bookmarkProperties.js The panel is initialized based on data given in the js object passed * as window.arguments[0]. The 23.8 kB
bookmarkProperties.xul 1.8 kB
bookmarksPanel.js 988 Bytes
bookmarksPanel.xul 2.4 kB
browserPlacesViews.js The base view implements everything that's common to the toolbar and * menu views. 61.5 kB
controller.js Represents an insertion point within a container where we can insert * items. * @param aItemId 59.6 kB
editBookmarkOverlay.js 38.3 kB
editBookmarkOverlay.xul 9.8 kB
history-panel.js 2.8 kB
history-panel.xul 4.1 kB
menu.xml 19.1 kB
moveBookmarks.js 1.9 kB
moveBookmarks.xul 1.9 kB
organizer.css 239 Bytes
places.css tree 490 Bytes
places.js null 51.6 kB
places.xul Organizer 20.5 kB
placesOverlay.xul 10.0 kB
sidebarUtils.js 4.3 kB
tree.xml 28.8 kB
treeView.js 62.2 kB