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Name Description Modified (UTC) Size
address_map-inl.h Address map implementation 3.5 kB
address_map.h Address maps 3.2 kB
address_map_unittest.cc Unit tests for AddressMap 7.1 kB
basic_code_module.h Carries information about code modules that are loaded 4.4 kB
basic_code_modules.cc Contains all of the CodeModule objects that 4.5 kB
basic_code_modules.h Contains all of the CodeModule objects that 3.7 kB
basic_source_line_resolver.cc 27.4 kB
basic_source_line_resolver_unittest.cc 15.6 kB
binarystream.cc 3.8 kB
binarystream.h 3.5 kB
binarystream_unittest.cc 11.0 kB
call_stack.cc A call stack comprised of stack frames 2.1 kB
cfi_frame_info-inl.h Definitions for cfi_frame_info 4.8 kB
cfi_frame_info.cc Implementation of CFIFrameInfo class 6.1 kB
cfi_frame_info.h Define the CFIFrameInfo class 11.1 kB
cfi_frame_info_unittest.cc Unit tests for CFIFrameInfo 19.2 kB
contained_range_map-inl.h Hierarchically-organized range map implementation 8.1 kB
contained_range_map.h Hierarchically-organized range maps 7.0 kB
contained_range_map_unittest.cc Unit tests for ContainedRangeMap 7.8 kB
linked_ptr.h 6.6 kB
logging.cc Breakpad logging 3.6 kB
logging.h Breakpad logging 5.8 kB
minidump.cc A minidump reader 126.7 kB
minidump_dump.cc Print the contents of a minidump file in somewhat 4.2 kB
minidump_dump_test 1.7 kB
minidump_processor.cc 38.2 kB
minidump_processor_unittest.cc 13.0 kB
minidump_stackwalk.cc Process a minidump with MinidumpProcessor 24.4 kB
minidump_stackwalk_machine_readable_test 1.8 kB
minidump_stackwalk_test 1.8 kB
minidump_unittest.cc 19.6 kB
network_interface.h 2.9 kB
network_source_line_protocol.h 6.7 kB
network_source_line_resolver.cc 13.6 kB
network_source_line_resolver_server_unittest.cc 8.3 kB
network_source_line_resolver_unittest.cc 18.1 kB
network_source_line_server.cc 14.7 kB
network_source_line_server.h 5.6 kB
network_source_line_server_unittest.cc 37.9 kB
pathname_stripper.cc Manipulates pathnames into their component parts 2.2 kB
pathname_stripper.h Manipulates pathnames into their component parts 2.2 kB
pathname_stripper_unittest.cc 3.7 kB
postfix_evaluator-inl.h Postfix 10.6 kB
postfix_evaluator.h Postfix 7.9 kB
postfix_evaluator_unittest.cc Unit tests for PostfixEvaluator 16.4 kB
process_state.cc A snapshot of a process 2.4 kB
range_map-inl.h Range map implementation 7.9 kB
range_map.h Range maps 5.0 kB
range_map_unittest.cc Unit tests for RangeMap 20.3 kB
scoped_ptr.h 7.4 kB
simple_symbol_supplier.cc A simple SymbolSupplier implementation 5.6 kB
simple_symbol_supplier.h A simple SymbolSupplier implementation 5.7 kB
source_daemon.cc Listen for incoming UDP requests for source line 4.3 kB
stackwalker.cc Generic stackwalker 8.2 kB
stackwalker_amd64.cc amd64-specific stackwalker 7.8 kB
stackwalker_amd64.h amd64-specific stackwalker 3.9 kB
stackwalker_amd64_unittest.cc Unit tests for StackwalkerAMD64 class 13.6 kB
stackwalker_arm.cc arm-specific stackwalker 8.1 kB
stackwalker_arm.h arm-specific stackwalker 3.6 kB
stackwalker_arm_unittest.cc Unit tests for StackwalkerARM class 19.5 kB
stackwalker_ppc.cc ppc-specific stackwalker 6.0 kB
stackwalker_ppc.h ppc-specific stackwalker 3.2 kB
stackwalker_selftest.cc Tests StackwalkerX86 or StackwalkerPPC using the 15.4 kB
stackwalker_selftest_sol.s Copyright (c) 2007, Google Inc. * All rights reserved. * * Redistribution and use in source and b 3.3 kB
stackwalker_sparc.cc sparc-specific stackwalker 5.3 kB
stackwalker_sparc.h sparc-specific stackwalker 3.1 kB
stackwalker_unittest_utils.h 6.8 kB
stackwalker_x86.cc x86-specific stackwalker 27.4 kB
stackwalker_x86.h x86-specific stackwalker 5.3 kB
stackwalker_x86_unittest.cc Unit tests for StackwalkerX86 class 38.7 kB
synth_minidump.cc Implementation of SynthMinidump 11.0 kB
synth_minidump.h Interface to SynthMinidump 13.7 kB
synth_minidump_unittest.cc Unit tests for google_breakpad 9.9 kB
synth_minidump_unittest_data.h verbose test data for SynthMinidump tests 10.6 kB
tokenize.cc 2.7 kB
tokenize.h but may be treated as a failure if the caller expects an 2.9 kB
udp_network.cc 6.2 kB
udp_network.h 2.7 kB
windows_frame_info.h Holds debugging information about a stack frame 7.5 kB