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Name Description Modified (UTC) Size
Attributes.h Implementations of various class and method modifier attributes. 20.0 kB
CheckedInt.h Provides checked integers, detecting integer overflow and divide-by-0. 23.2 kB
FloatingPoint.h Various predicates and operations on IEEE-754 floating point types. 7.4 kB
NullPtr.h Implements a workaround for compilers which do not support the C++11 nullptr * constant. 1.3 kB
RangedPtr.h 8.1 kB
RefPtr.h Helpers for defining and using refcounted objects. 11.0 kB
TypeTraits.h Template-based metaprogramming and type-testing facilities. 3.1 kB
Types.h NB: This header must be both valid C and C++. It must be * include-able by code embedding SpiderMo 3.5 kB
Util.h XXX: we're cheating here in order to avoid creating object files * for mfbt /just/ to provide a fun 12.1 kB
WeakPtr.h Weak pointer functionality, implemented as a mixin for use with any class. 3.8 kB