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Name Description Modified (UTC) Size
elfhack Elfhack is a program to optimize ELF binaries for size and cold startup
Makefile.in 2.2 kB
abs2rel.pl 2.3 kB
aix.exp 12 Bytes
check_debug_ranges.py Returns the range offset for a given compilation unit in a given debug_info. 3.6 kB
mddepend.pl Reads in dependencies generated my -MD flag 5.3 kB
mozilla.in 3.9 kB
print-depth-path.sh 2.7 kB
print-failed-commands.sh 632 Bytes
print-non-newline.sh 2.2 kB
run-gprof.sh 214 Bytes
run-hiprof.sh 348 Bytes
run-mozilla.sh 10.4 kB
run-third.sh 367 Bytes
uniq.pl 3.6 kB