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Name Description Modified (UTC) Size
SConscript 295 Bytes
client.c 10.3 kB
client.h The PrioPacketClient object holds the encoded client data. * The client sends one packet to server 2.4 kB
config.c 2.4 kB
config.h 640 Bytes
debug.h 658 Bytes
encrypt.c 15.8 kB
encrypt.h These functions attempt to implement CCA-secure public-key encryption using * the NSS library. We u 2.7 kB
mparray.c 3.7 kB
mparray.h Initialize an array of `mp_int`s of the given length. 1.8 kB
params.h 623 Bytes
poly.c A nice exposition of the recursive FFT/DFT algorithm we implement * is in the book: * * "Modern 5.5 kB
poly.h Compute the FFT or inverse FFT of the array in `points_in`. * The length of the input and output ar 1.8 kB
prg.c 4.0 kB
prg.h unsigned char 1.8 kB
rand.c 3.2 kB
rand.h Typedef for function pointer. A function pointer of type RandBytesFunc * points to a function that 1.4 kB
serial.c 10.4 kB
serial.h 666 Bytes
server.c In `PrioTotalShare_final`, we need to be able to store * an `mp_digit` in an `unsigned long long`. 12.3 kB
server.h 1.1 kB
share.c 2.6 kB
share.h Use secret sharing to split the int src into two shares. * The mp_ints must be initialized. 1.2 kB
util.h 4.8 kB