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Name Description Modified (UTC) Size
META.yml 120 Bytes
README.md # Worker WPT tests 4.9 kB
SharedWorker-MessageEvent-source.any.js 274 Bytes
SharedWorker-constructor.html Test SharedWorker constructor functionality. 2.2 kB
SharedWorker-detach-frame-in-error-event.html Test frame detach in shared worker's error handler 870 Bytes
SharedWorker-exception-propagation.html Uncaught error in shared worker should not propagate to window 1.3 kB
SharedWorker-exception.html This test checks whether exceptions in SharedWorkers are logged to the parent document. An exception 883 Bytes
SharedWorker-replace-EventHandler.any.js 453 Bytes
SharedWorker-script-error.html Test SharedWorker script error handling functionality. 1.4 kB
SharedWorker-simple.html Test simple shared worker construction case. 526 Bytes
SharedWorkerPerformanceNow.html window.performance.now in shared workers 2.0 kB
SharedWorker_blobUrl.html Shared Worker: Blob URL passed over message port 755 Bytes
SharedWorker_dataUrl.html Shared Worker: Data URL cross-origin checks 1.9 kB
Worker-base64.any.js 189 Bytes
Worker-call.worker.js 510 Bytes
Worker-constructor-proto.any.js 370 Bytes
Worker-custom-event.any.js 235 Bytes
Worker-formdata.any.js 649 Bytes
Worker-location.sub.any.js 821 Bytes
Worker-messageport.html Test that pages and workers can send MessagePorts to one another. 2.3 kB
Worker-multi-port.html Test sending multiple ports through Worker.postMessage. 3.7 kB
Worker-nested-importScripts-error.html This tests that errors from nested importScripts have the expected provenance. 613 Bytes
Worker-replace-event-handler.any.js 294 Bytes
Worker-replace-global-constructor.any.js 329 Bytes
Worker-replace-self.any.js 274 Bytes
Worker-simultaneous-errors.html Test simultaneous errors on workers. 951 Bytes
Worker-structure-message.html Test that pages and workers can send Structure Message to one another. 937 Bytes
Worker-terminate-forever.html Test Worker.terminate() for a worker that tries to run forever. 430 Bytes
Worker-termination-with-port-messages.html This test terminates a worker when there are many undelivered MessagePort messages still waiting to 1.0 kB
Worker-timeout-cancel-order.html Test setTimeOut,cancelTimeout in Web Workers. 538 Bytes
Worker-timeout-decreasing-order.html Test setTimeOut,fired in decreasing order in Web Workers. 776 Bytes
Worker-timeout-increasing-order.html Test setTimeOut,fired in increasing order in Web Workers. 776 Bytes
WorkerGlobalScope-close.html Test WorkerGlobalScope.close functionality. 3.0 kB
WorkerGlobalScope_ErrorEvent_colno.htm 659 Bytes
WorkerGlobalScope_ErrorEvent_filename.htm 778 Bytes
WorkerGlobalScope_ErrorEvent_lineno.htm 647 Bytes
WorkerGlobalScope_ErrorEvent_message.htm 700 Bytes
WorkerGlobalScope_importScripts.htm 425 Bytes
WorkerGlobalScope_importScripts_NetworkErr.htm 412 Bytes
WorkerGlobalScope_importScripts_NosniffErr.htm 306 Bytes
WorkerGlobalScope_requestAnimationFrame.tentative.worker.js 446 Bytes
WorkerGlobalScope_setInterval.htm 646 Bytes
WorkerGlobalScope_setTimeout.htm 644 Bytes
WorkerLocation-origin.sub.window.js 506 Bytes
WorkerLocation.htm 531 Bytes
WorkerLocation_hash.htm 433 Bytes
WorkerLocation_hash_encoding.htm 427 Bytes
WorkerLocation_hash_nonexist.htm 413 Bytes
WorkerLocation_host.htm 422 Bytes
WorkerLocation_hostname.htm 434 Bytes
WorkerLocation_href.htm 542 Bytes
WorkerLocation_pathname.htm 563 Bytes
WorkerLocation_port.htm 422 Bytes
WorkerLocation_protocol.htm 434 Bytes
WorkerLocation_search.htm 443 Bytes
WorkerLocation_search_empty.htm 408 Bytes
WorkerLocation_search_fragment.htm 432 Bytes
WorkerLocation_search_nonexist.htm 415 Bytes
WorkerNavigator-hardware-concurrency.any.js 137 Bytes
WorkerNavigator.any.js 552 Bytes
WorkerNavigator_appName.htm 401 Bytes
WorkerNavigator_appVersion.htm 410 Bytes
WorkerNavigator_onLine.htm 398 Bytes
WorkerNavigator_platform.htm 404 Bytes
WorkerNavigator_userAgent.htm 407 Bytes
WorkerNavigator_userAgentData.http.html WorkerNavigator.userAgentData 614 Bytes
WorkerNavigator_userAgentData.https.html WorkerNavigator.userAgentData 1.4 kB
WorkerPerformanceNow.html performance.now in dedicated workers 1.0 kB
Worker_ErrorEvent_bubbles_cancelable.htm 880 Bytes
Worker_ErrorEvent_error.htm 1.0 kB
Worker_ErrorEvent_filename.htm 747 Bytes
Worker_ErrorEvent_lineno.htm 618 Bytes
Worker_ErrorEvent_message.htm 669 Bytes
Worker_ErrorEvent_type.htm 662 Bytes
Worker_NosniffErr.htm 413 Bytes
Worker_basic.htm 837 Bytes
Worker_cross_origin_security_err.htm 1.1 kB
Worker_dispatchEvent_ErrorEvent.htm 1.1 kB
Worker_script_mimetype.htm 574 Bytes
Worker_terminate_event_queue.htm 684 Bytes
abrupt-completion.html 1.7 kB
data-url-shared-window.html data URL shared worker 660 Bytes
data-url-shared.html data URL shared workers 3.3 kB
data-url.html data URL dedicated workers 2.9 kB
dedicated-worker-from-blob-url.window.js 999 Bytes
dedicated-worker-in-data-url-context.window.js 4.9 kB
dedicated-worker-parse-error-failure.html DedicatedWorker: parse error failure 1.1 kB
importscripts_mime.any.js 1.4 kB
name-property.html Test the name property of shared and dedicated workers via the name constructor option 1.2 kB
nested_worker.worker.js 325 Bytes
nested_worker_close_from_parent_worker.html Test terminating a nested workers by calling terminate() from its parent worker 493 Bytes
nested_worker_close_self.worker.js 334 Bytes
nested_worker_importScripts.worker.js 352 Bytes
nested_worker_sync_xhr.worker.js 343 Bytes
nested_worker_terminate_from_document.html Test terminating a chain of nested workers by calling terminate() from the owning document 485 Bytes
opaque-origin.html 565 Bytes
postMessage_DataCloneErr.htm 396 Bytes
postMessage_block.https.html 480 Bytes
postMessage_block.https.html.headers 83 Bytes
postMessage_clone_port.htm 859 Bytes
postMessage_clone_port_error.htm 411 Bytes
postMessage_event_properties.htm 913 Bytes
postMessage_ports_readonly_array.htm 770 Bytes
postMessage_target_source.htm 554 Bytes
shared-worker-from-blob-url.window.js 1.9 kB
shared-worker-in-data-url-context.window.js 2.7 kB
shared-worker-name-via-options.html Test the name property of shared workers mixing constructor options and constructor strings 1.3 kB
shared-worker-options-mismatch.html SharedWorker: type or credentials mismatch failure 2.5 kB
shared-worker-parse-error-failure.html SharedWorker: parse error failure 1.0 kB
worker-performance.worker.js 7.1 kB