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Name Description Modified (UTC) Size
META.yml 132 Bytes
README.md These are the storage (`localStorage`, `sessionStorage`) tests for the 171 Bytes
defineProperty.window.js 2.1 kB
document-domain.html localStorage and document.domain 508 Bytes
eventTestHarness.js 1.9 kB
event_basic.html WebStorage Test: StorageEvent - window.onstorage 373 Bytes
event_basic.js 4.8 kB
event_body_attribute.html WebStorage Test: StorageEvent - set onstorage as body attribute 397 Bytes
event_body_attribute.js 4.0 kB
event_case_sensitive.html WebStorage Test: StorageEvent - the case of value changed 391 Bytes
event_case_sensitive.js 1.3 kB
event_constructor.html WebStorage Test: StorageEvent - constructor 3.4 kB
event_initstorageevent.html WebStorage Test: StorageEvent - initStorageEvent 3.7 kB
event_local_key.html WebStorage Test: localStorage event - key 1.3 kB
event_local_newvalue.html WebStorage Test: localStorage event - newValue 1.3 kB
event_local_oldvalue.html WebStorage Test: localStorage event - oldValue 1.3 kB
event_local_removeitem.html Web Storage Test: event - localStorage removeItem 1.7 kB
event_local_storagearea.html WebStorage Test: localStorage event - storageArea 1.4 kB
event_local_url.html WebStorage Test: localStorage event - url 1.4 kB
event_no_duplicates.html WebStorage Test: StorageEvent - only if something changes 3.7 kB
event_session_key.html WebStorage Test: sessionStorage event - key 1.3 kB
event_session_newvalue.html WebStorage Test: sessionStorage event - newValue 1.4 kB
event_session_oldvalue.html WebStorage Test: sessionStorage event - oldValue 1.3 kB
event_session_removeitem.html Web Storage Test: event - sessionStorage removeItem 1.7 kB
event_session_storagearea.html WebStorage Test: sessionStorage event - storageArea 1.4 kB
event_session_url.html WebStorage Test: sessionStorage event - url 1.4 kB
event_setattribute.html WebStorage Test: StorageEvent - attached setAttribute 385 Bytes
event_setattribute.js 4.0 kB
idlharness.window.js 742 Bytes
missing_arguments.html WebStorage Test: missing arguments 1.0 kB
set.window.js 4.2 kB
storage_builtins.html WebStorage Test: Storage - builtins 1.1 kB
storage_clear.html WebStorage Test: Storage - clear() 827 Bytes
storage_enumerate.html WebStorage Test: Storage - enumerate and built-in properties 2.4 kB
storage_functions_not_overwritten.html WebStorage Test: Storage - set key with the same name as storage function 1.7 kB
storage_getitem.html WebStorage Test: Storage - getItem(key) and named getter 2.0 kB
storage_in.html WebStorage Test: Storage - in operator 950 Bytes
storage_indexing.html WebStorage Test: Storage - indexed getter 1.3 kB
storage_key.html WebStorage Test: Storage - key(index) 2.0 kB
storage_key_empty_string.html WebStorage Test: Storage - key with empty string 604 Bytes
storage_length.html WebStorage Test: Storage - length 934 Bytes
storage_local-manual.html WebStorage Test: local storage 1.2 kB
storage_local_setitem_quotaexceedederr.html WebStorage Test: localStorage - setItem throws QuotaExceededError 908 Bytes
storage_local_window_open.html WebStorage Test: localStorage - open a existing browsing context 889 Bytes
storage_removeitem.html WebStorage Test: Storage - removeItem(key) 1.6 kB
storage_session-manual.html WebStorage Test: session storage 1.3 kB
storage_session_setitem_quotaexceedederr.html WebStorage Test: sessionStorage - setItem throws QuotaExceededError 918 Bytes
storage_session_window_noopener.html WebStorage Test: sessionStorage - open a new window with noopener 1.1 kB
storage_session_window_open.html WebStorage Test: sessionStorage - open a existing browsing context 925 Bytes
storage_set_value_enumerate.html WebStorage Test: Storage - set value with enumerate 887 Bytes
storage_setitem.html WebStorage Test: Storage - setItem(key, value) 7.7 kB
storage_string_conversion.html WebStorage Test: Storage only store strings 1.2 kB
storage_supported_property_names.html Storage Test: Supported property names 848 Bytes
symbol-props.window.js 2.3 kB