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Name Description Modified (UTC) Size
001.html WebSockets: new WebSocket() with no args 414 Bytes
002.html WebSockets: new WebSocket(invalid url) 1.3 kB
004.html WebSockets: new WebSocket(url, invalid protocol) 1.1 kB
005.html WebSockets: return value 425 Bytes
006.html WebSockets: converting first arguments 903 Bytes
007.html WebSockets: new WebSocket(url, null char) 512 Bytes
008.html WebSockets: new WebSocket(url with not blocked port) 622 Bytes
009.html WebSockets: protocol 679 Bytes
010.html WebSockets: protocol in response but no requested protocol 765 Bytes
011.html WebSockets: protocol mismatch 792 Bytes
012.html WebSockets: no protocol in response 595 Bytes
013.html WebSockets: multiple WebSocket objects 1.3 kB
014.html WebSockets: serialize establish a connection 1.1 kB
016.html WebSockets: non-ascii URL in query, document encoding windows-1252 653 Bytes
017.html WebSockets: too few slashes after ws: and wss: 618 Bytes
018.html WebSockets: NULL char in url 616 Bytes
019.html WebSockets: uppercase 'WS:' 680 Bytes
020.html WebSockets: uppercase host 680 Bytes
021.html WebSockets: Same sub protocol twice 458 Bytes
022.html WebSockets: protocol array 703 Bytes