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Name Description Modified (UTC) Size
Channel_postMessage_Blob.htm 1.3 kB
Channel_postMessage_DataCloneErr.htm 640 Bytes
Channel_postMessage_clone_port.htm When the user agent is to clone a port original port 1.3 kB
Channel_postMessage_clone_port_error.htm Throw a DataCloneError if transfer array in postMessage contains source port 660 Bytes
Channel_postMessage_event_properties.htm 1.0 kB
Channel_postMessage_ports_readonly_array.htm 1.1 kB
Channel_postMessage_target_source.htm 906 Bytes
Channel_postMessage_transfer_xsite_incoming_messages.window.js 1.2 kB
Channel_postMessage_with_transfer_entangled.any.js 1.2 kB
Channel_postMessage_with_transfer_incoming_messages.any.js 1.2 kB
Channel_postMessage_with_transfer_outgoing_messages.any.js 1.1 kB
META.yml 135 Bytes
MessageEvent-trusted-worker.js 98 Bytes
MessageEvent-trusted.html MessagePort message events are trusted 1.2 kB
MessageEvent.html MessageEvent 796 Bytes
MessageEvent_onmessage_postMessage_infinite_loop.html MessageEvent: onmessage infinite loop 1.0 kB
MessageEvent_properties.htm 946 Bytes
MessagePort_initial_disabled.htm 446 Bytes
MessagePort_onmessage_start.htm 419 Bytes
README.md These are the cross-document messaging (`postMessage()`) tests for the 193 Bytes
Transferred_objects_unusable.sub.htm 1.7 kB
event.data.sub.htm event 1.8 kB
event.origin.sub.htm event 2.2 kB
event.ports.sub.htm event 1.6 kB
event.source.htm Same-origin 1.4 kB
event.source.xorigin.sub.htm Cross-origin 1.5 kB
messageerror.html onmessageerror content attribute 1.6 kB
postMessage_ArrayBuffer.sub.htm postMessage with ArrayBuffer object 1.1 kB
postMessage_Date.sub.htm Messages can contain JavaScript values 1.0 kB
postMessage_Document.htm 921 Bytes
postMessage_Function.htm 927 Bytes
postMessage_MessagePorts_sorigin.htm postMessage to same-origin iframe with MessagePort array containing 100 ports 2.0 kB
postMessage_MessagePorts_xorigin.sub.htm postMessage to cross-origin iframe with MessagePort array containing 100 ports 2.1 kB
postMessage_MessagePorts_xsite.sub.window.js 2.2 kB
postMessage_arrays.sub.htm Messages can be structured objects 965 Bytes
postMessage_asterisk_xorigin.sub.htm To send the message to the target regardless of origin 2.2 kB
postMessage_dup_transfer_objects.htm 1.1 kB
postMessage_invalid_targetOrigin.htm 1.1 kB
postMessage_objects.sub.htm Messages can be structured objects 1.0 kB
postMessage_origin_mismatch.sub.htm 1.6 kB
postMessage_origin_mismatch_xorigin.sub.htm 1.7 kB
postMessage_solidus_sorigin.htm 1.2 kB
postMessage_solidus_xorigin.sub.htm 1.4 kB
worker_postMessage_user_activation.js 72 Bytes
worker_postMessage_user_activation.tentative.html postMessage with user activtion to a worker 695 Bytes