DXR is a code search and navigation tool aimed at making sense of large projects. It supports full-text and regex searches as well as structural queries.

Name Description Modified (UTC) Size
META.yml 104 Bytes
canShare-files.tentative.https.html WebShare Test: canShare with files 1.3 kB
canShare-insecure.tentative.http.html WebShare Test: canShare from non-secure context 489 Bytes
canShare.tentative.https.html WebShare Test: canShare without files 2.9 kB
idlharness.https.window.js 289 Bytes
share-cancel-manual.https.html WebShare Test: Share cancelled by user 750 Bytes
share-empty.https.html WebShare Test: Share no known fields 1.2 kB
share-extra-argument-manual.https.html WebShare Test: Surplus arguments ignored 684 Bytes
share-extra-field-manual.https.html WebShare Test: Surplus fields ignored 688 Bytes
share-files-manual.tentative.https.html WebShare Test: Share multiple files 1.1 kB
share-image-manual.tentative.https.html WebShare Test: Share single image file 885 Bytes
share-non-string-manual.https.html WebShare Test: Share non-string types (test implicit conversion) 808 Bytes
share-null-manual.https.html WebShare Test: Share null and undefined values 762 Bytes
share-securecontext.http.html WebShare Test: Share from non-secure context 477 Bytes
share-sharePromise-internal-slot.https.html WebShare Test: only one share at a time 1.4 kB
share-simple-manual.https.html WebShare Test: Simple share 1.0 kB
share-unicode-strings-manual.https.html WebShare Test: Share with non-ASCII Unicode strings 1.0 kB
share-unicode-strings-nonutf8-manual.https.html WebShare Test: Share with non-ASCII Unicode strings in a Latin-1-encoded page 1.2 kB
share-url-data-manual.https.html WebShare Test: Share with data URL 560 Bytes
share-url-empty-manual.https.html WebShare Test: Share with empty URL 530 Bytes
share-url-encoding-manual.https.html WebShare Test: Share URL with illegal characters (test percent encoding) 868 Bytes
share-url-invalid.https.html WebShare Test: Share with an invalid URL 607 Bytes
share-url-noscheme-manual.https.html WebShare Test: Share with URL without a scheme 616 Bytes
share-url-pathonly-manual.https.html WebShare Test: Share with absolute path-only URL 601 Bytes
share-url-relative-manual.https.html WebShare Test: Share with relative URL 616 Bytes
share-without-user-gesture.https.html WebShare Test: Share without user gesture error 584 Bytes