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META.yml 91 Bytes
README.md This directory contains a test suite for the proposed Web Locks API. 157 Bytes
acquire.tentative.https.any.js 4.5 kB
clientids.tentative.https.html Web Locks API: Client IDs in query() vs. Service Worker 1.6 kB
frames.tentative.https.html Web Locks API: Frames 7.4 kB
held.tentative.https.any.js 2.7 kB
idlharness.tentative.https.any.js 661 Bytes
ifAvailable.tentative.https.any.js 6.4 kB
lock-attributes.tentative.https.any.js 611 Bytes
mode-exclusive.tentative.https.any.js 1.0 kB
mode-mixed.tentative.https.any.js 1.5 kB
mode-shared.tentative.https.any.js 1.3 kB
non-secure-context.tentative.any.js 542 Bytes
opaque-origin.tentative.https.html Web Locks API: Opaque origins 1.9 kB
query-empty.tentative.https.any.js 792 Bytes
query-ordering.tentative.https.html Web Locks API: navigator.locks.query ordering 5.4 kB
query.tentative.https.any.js 8.8 kB
resource-names.tentative.https.any.js 1.7 kB
secure-context.tentative.https.any.js 529 Bytes
signal.tentative.https.any.js 6.0 kB
steal.tentative.https.any.js 2.6 kB
workers.tentative.https.html Web Locks API: Workers 3.5 kB