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Name Description Modified (UTC) Size
META.yml 89 Bytes
buffered-flag.any.js 1.3 kB
clearMarks.html functionality test of window.performance.clearMarks 3.5 kB
clearMeasures.html functionality test of window.performance.clearMeasures 3.6 kB
clear_all_marks.any.js 556 Bytes
clear_all_measures.any.js 804 Bytes
clear_non_existent_mark.any.js 1.2 kB
clear_non_existent_measure.any.js 1.4 kB
clear_one_mark.any.js 1.1 kB
clear_one_measure.any.js 1.2 kB
entry_type.any.js 670 Bytes
idlharness.any.js 762 Bytes
invoke_with_timing_attributes.html exception test of performance.mark and performance.measure 1.2 kB
invoke_with_timing_attributes.worker.js 733 Bytes
invoke_without_parameter.html exception test of performance.mark and performance.measure 1.1 kB
mark-entry-constructor.any.js 1.7 kB
mark-errors.any.js 871 Bytes
mark-l3.any.js 2.0 kB
mark-measure-feature-detection.html User Timing: L2 vs L3 feature detection 1.4 kB
mark-measure-return-objects.any.js 1.3 kB
mark.any.js 3.9 kB
mark.html functionality test of window.performance.mark 2.3 kB
mark_exceptions.html window.performance User Timing mark() method is throwing the proper exceptions 1.4 kB
measure-exceptions.html 1.5 kB
measure-l3.any.js 1.7 kB
measure-with-dict.any.js 6.5 kB
measure.html window.performance User Timing measure() method is working properly 16.9 kB
measure_associated_with_navigation_timing.html functionality test of window.performance.measure 3.3 kB
measure_exception.html exception test of window.performance.measure 1.8 kB
measure_exceptions_navigation_timing.html window.performance User Timing measure() method is throwing the proper exceptions 3.3 kB
measure_navigation_timing.html window.performance User Timing clearMeasures() method is working properly with navigation timing 10.7 kB
measure_syntax_err.any.js 1.5 kB
measures.html functionality test of window.performance.measure 2.6 kB
performance-measure-invalid.worker.js 284 Bytes
structured-serialize-detail.any.js 2.6 kB
supported-usertiming-types.any.js 1.4 kB
user-timing-tojson.html 1.4 kB
user_timing_exists.any.js 500 Bytes