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Name Description Modified (UTC) Size
__init__.py 0 Bytes
config.py 1.7 kB
environment.py Context manager that owns the test environment i.e. the http and websockets servers 9.0 kB
expected.py Path to the expectation data file for a given test path. This is defined as metadata_path + rel 444 Bytes
expectedtree.py This is basically a measure of the uniformity of the values in results based on the shannon entr 4.6 kB
font.py 5.5 kB
instruments.py class NullInstrument(object): def set(self, stack): 4.1 kB
manifestexpected.py Manifest structure used to store expected results of a test. Each manifest file is represented by a 15.4 kB
manifestinclude.py Manifest structure used to store paths that should be included in a test run. The manifest is repre 5.5 kB
manifestupdate.py Manifest structure used to update the expected results of a test Each manifest file is represented 37.1 kB
metadata.py A wrapper around RunInfo dicts so that they can be hashed by identity 31.2 kB
print_reftest_runner.html 959 Bytes
process.py Encode all the environment values as the appropriate type for each Python version This assumes t 366 Bytes
products.py 2.8 kB
stability.py Handler that filters out messages not of a given set of actions. Subclasses BaseHandler. : 12.3 kB
testdriver-extra.js 8.0 kB
testdriver-vendor.js 38 Bytes
testharness_runner.html 95 Bytes
testharnessreport-servo.js 586 Bytes
testharnessreport-servodriver.js 848 Bytes
testharnessreport.js 2.3 kB
testloader.py 14.1 kB
testrunner.py Log a message with level %s :param message: The string message to log 36.4 kB
vcs.py 1.6 kB
webdriver_server.py Returns the full command for starting the server process as a list. 9.2 kB
wptcommandline.py Runner for web-platform-tests tests. 36.9 kB
wptlogging.py Filter that replaces log messages at specified levels with messages at a different level. T 2.2 kB
wptrunner.py 17.5 kB
wpttest.py 20.8 kB