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Name Description Modified (UTC) Size
META.yml 142 Bytes
README.md This directory contains tests for the 1.1 kB
check-cert-request.tentative.html Verify that certificate request has correct parameters. 730 Bytes
fallback-to-another-sxg.tentative.html Fallback redirect to another SignedHTTPExchange 719 Bytes
nested-sxg.tentative.html Nested SignedHTTPExchange 686 Bytes
sxg-data-cert-url.tentative.html SignedHTTPExchange using data URL for cert-url 711 Bytes
sxg-double-prefetch.tentative.html Prefetching double SignedHTTPExchange files must not crash 1.2 kB
sxg-fallback-with-fragment.tentative.html Fallback redirect of SignedHTTPExchange should preserve URL fragment 779 Bytes
sxg-hsts.tentative.html Loading SignedHTTPExchange with strict-transport-security must fail 858 Bytes
sxg-inner-url-bom.tentative.html SignedHTTPExchange's fallback url must not have UTF-8 BOM 839 Bytes
sxg-invalid-utf8-inner-url.tentative.html SignedHTTPExchange's fallback url must not have invalid UTF-8 sequence 875 Bytes
sxg-invalid-validity-url.tentative.html Loading SignedHTTPExchange which validity URL is different origin from request URL must fail 817 Bytes
sxg-location-fragment.tentative.html Navigating to a Signed Exchange should preserve URL fragment 752 Bytes
sxg-location.tentative.html Location of SignedHTTPExchange 674 Bytes
sxg-merkle-integrity-error.tentative.html SignedHTTPExchange with payload integrity error 829 Bytes
sxg-navigation-timing.tentative.html Navigation timing of SignedHTTPExchange 1.2 kB
sxg-non-secure-origin.tentative.html Loading SignedHTTPExchange from non secure origin must fail 730 Bytes
sxg-noncacheable.tentative.html Loading SignedHTTPExchange with non-cacheable response must fail 745 Bytes
sxg-prefetch-merkle-integrity-error.tentative.html Prefetching SignedHTTPExchange with payload integrity error should fail 937 Bytes
sxg-prefetch-resource-timing.tentative.html Resource Timing for prefetched SignedHTTPExchange 1.5 kB
sxg-prefetch.tentative.https.html Prefetched signed exchange and certificate must not be fetched again 1.3 kB
sxg-referrer-policy-header.tentative.https.html Referrer-Policy header in outer SXG response 2.0 kB
sxg-referrer-remote-physical-remote-logical.tentative.https.html Referrer of SignedHTTPExchange(physical:remote origin, logical:remote origin) 1.9 kB
sxg-referrer-remote-physical-same-logical.tentative.https.html Referrer of SignedHTTPExchange(physical:remote origin, logical:same origin) 1.9 kB
sxg-referrer-same-physical-remote-logical.tentative.https.html Referrer of SignedHTTPExchange(physical:same origin, logical:remote origin) 1.9 kB
sxg-referrer-same-physical-same-logical.tentative.https.html Referrer of SignedHTTPExchange(physical:same origin, logical:same origin) 1.8 kB
sxg-utf8-inner-url.tentative.html SignedHTTPExchange with UTF-8 inner URL 727 Bytes
sxg-variants-match.tentative.html SignedHTTPExchange should be loaded if Variants/Variant-Key match the request 774 Bytes
sxg-variants-mismatch.tentative.html SignedHTTPExchange should fallback if Variants/Variant-Key don't match the request 786 Bytes
sxg-version1b2.tentative.html Loading SignedHTTPExchange of unsupported version must fail 899 Bytes