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Name Description Modified (UTC) Size
Document-open.html Selection Document.open() tests 1.3 kB
META.yml 74 Bytes
addRange-00.html Selection.addRange() tests 384 Bytes
addRange-04.html Selection.addRange() tests 384 Bytes
addRange-08.html Selection.addRange() tests 385 Bytes
addRange-12.html Selection.addRange() tests 386 Bytes
addRange-16.html Selection.addRange() tests 386 Bytes
addRange-20.html Selection.addRange() tests 386 Bytes
addRange-24.html Selection.addRange() tests 386 Bytes
addRange-28.html Selection.addRange() tests 386 Bytes
addRange-32.html Selection.addRange() tests 386 Bytes
addRange-36.html Selection.addRange() tests 386 Bytes
addRange-40.html Selection.addRange() tests 386 Bytes
addRange-44.html Selection.addRange() tests 386 Bytes
addRange-48.html Selection.addRange() tests 386 Bytes
addRange-52.html Selection.addRange() tests 386 Bytes
addRange-56.html Selection.addRange() tests 382 Bytes
addRange.htm 953 Bytes
addRange.js 10.8 kB
addRange.tentative.html Selection: Add a range to the selection 901 Bytes
collapse-00.html Selection.collapse()/setPosition() tests 385 Bytes
collapse-15.html Selection.collapse()/setPosition() tests 386 Bytes
collapse-30.html Selection.collapse()/setPosition() tests 382 Bytes
collapse-45.html Selection.collapse()/setPosition() tests 386 Bytes
collapse.htm 899 Bytes
collapse.js 4.2 kB
collapseToStartEnd.html Selection.collapseTo(Start|End)() tests 5.5 kB
common.js 39.0 kB
deleteFromDocument.html Selection.deleteFromDocument() tests 4.4 kB
dir-manual.html Selection direction tests 4.5 kB
extend-00.html Selection extend() tests 393 Bytes
extend-20.html Selection extend() tests 394 Bytes
extend-40.html Selection extend() tests 390 Bytes
extend.js NN 7.3 kB
getRangeAt.html The getRangeAt method 451 Bytes
getSelection.html getSelection() tests 6.7 kB
idlharness.window.js 342 Bytes
isCollapsed.html Selection.isCollapsed tests 1.1 kB
removeAllRanges.html Selection.removeAllRanges()/empty() tests 2.3 kB
removeRange.html Selection.removeRange tests 1.9 kB
script-and-style-elements.html Selection: STYLE and SCRIPT elements should be included in Selection.toString() if they are display! 1.3 kB
selectAllChildren.html Selection.selectAllChildren tests 2.6 kB
setBaseAndExtent.html Selection.setBaseAndExtent() tests 5.5 kB
stringifier.tentative.html Selection: stringifier 821 Bytes
test-iframe.html Selection test iframe 1.1 kB
toString-ff-bug-001.html Can serialize a range which starts at the end of an element 830 Bytes
type.html Selection.type tests 918 Bytes