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Name Description Modified (UTC) Size
META.yml 93 Bytes
basic.html window.requestIdleCallback exists 2.7 kB
callback-exception.html requestIdleCallback callback exception reported to error handler 827 Bytes
callback-idle-periods.html window.requestIdleCallback callback behavior during idle periods. 1.8 kB
callback-iframe.html 516 Bytes
callback-invoked.html requestIdleCallback callback must be called eventually 515 Bytes
callback-multiple-calls.html multiple calls to requestIdleCallback 1.4 kB
callback-removed-frame.html requestIdleCallback on removed frame shouldn't call back 1.2 kB
callback-suspended.html Dispatching idle callbacks should be able to be suspended and then resumed 2.6 kB
callback-timeout-when-busy.html window.requestIdleCallback deals with timeouts correctly 3.0 kB
callback-timeout.html requestIdleCallback timeout callback must be called with didTimeout equal to true 1.3 kB
callback-xhr-sync.html 552 Bytes
cancel-invoked.html cancelling idle requests 1.0 kB
idlharness.window.js 480 Bytes