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Name Description Modified (UTC) Size
META.yml 91 Bytes
README.md # Portals 254 Bytes
about-blank-cannot-host.html 528 Bytes
htmlportalelement-event-handler-content-attributes.html 1.0 kB
portal-activate-data.html Tests passing of data along with portal activation 3.2 kB
portal-activate-event-constructor.html 1.0 kB
portal-activate-event.html Tests that the PortalActivateEvent is dispatched when a portal is activated 1.7 kB
portal-non-http-navigation.html Tests that portal don't navigate to non-http schemes. 1.3 kB
portal-onload-event.html Tests that the load is dispatched when a portal finishes loading. 612 Bytes
portals-activate-inside-iframe.html 666 Bytes
portals-activate-inside-portal.html 624 Bytes
portals-activate-no-browsing-context.html 357 Bytes
portals-activate-resolution.html 560 Bytes
portals-activate-twice.html 778 Bytes
portals-adopt-predecessor.html Tests that a portal can adopt its predecessor 2.9 kB
portals-api.html Portals API test 329 Bytes
portals-cross-origin-load.sub.html 471 Bytes
portals-focus.sub.html 4.9 kB
portals-host-exposure.sub.html 1.1 kB
portals-host-hidden-after-activation.html 1.1 kB
portals-host-null.html 256 Bytes
portals-host-post-message.sub.html Test postMessage on PortalHost 7.1 kB
portals-navigate-after-adoption.html 1.5 kB
portals-nested.html portal 517 Bytes
portals-no-frame-crash.html 748 Bytes
portals-post-message.sub.html Test postMessage on HTMLPortalElement 9.4 kB
portals-referrer-inherit-header.html 968 Bytes
portals-referrer-inherit-header.html.headers 29 Bytes
portals-referrer-inherit-meta.html 1.0 kB
portals-referrer.html 2.8 kB
portals-rendering.html Portals rendering test 566 Bytes
portals-repeated-activate.html 392 Bytes
portals-set-src-after-activate.html 1.4 kB
predecessor-fires-unload.html events 1.5 kB