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Name Description Modified (UTC) Size
META.yml 109 Bytes
css-selector.html Test CSS selector :picture-in-picture 1.1 kB
disable-picture-in-picture.html Test disable Picture-in-Picture 2.9 kB
enter-picture-in-picture.html Test enterpictureinpicture event 1.0 kB
exit-picture-in-picture.html Test exit Picture-in-Picture 850 Bytes
idlharness.window.js 700 Bytes
leave-picture-in-picture.html Test leavepictureinpicture event 1.6 kB
mediastream.html Test mediastream video in Picture-in-Picture 942 Bytes
picture-in-picture-element.html Test Picture-in-Picture element 797 Bytes
picture-in-picture-window.html Test Picture-in-Picture window 3.4 kB
request-picture-in-picture-twice.html Test request Picture-in-Picture on two videos 1.2 kB
request-picture-in-picture.html Test request Picture-in-Picture 1.5 kB
shadow-dom.html Test for Picture-In-Picture and Shadow DOM 3.2 kB