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Name Description Modified (UTC) Size
META.yml 109 Bytes
buffered-flag.window.js 913 Bytes
dom_interactive_image_document.html Test domInteractive on image document. 1.0 kB
dom_interactive_media_document.html Test domInteractive on media document. 1.0 kB
idlharness.window.js 1.0 kB
nav2_data_uri.html data URL source for navigation-timing/nav2_test_open_data_uri.html 437 Bytes
nav2_test_attributes_exist.html Navigation Timing 2 WPT 2.5 kB
nav2_test_attributes_values.html Navigation Timing 2 WPT 6.0 kB
nav2_test_document_open.html Navigation Timing 2 WPT 4.2 kB
nav2_test_document_replaced.html Navigation Timing 2 WPT 2.3 kB
nav2_test_frame_removed.html Navigation Timing 2 WPT 1.1 kB
nav2_test_instance_accessible_from_the_start.html 545 Bytes
nav2_test_instance_accessors.html Navigation Timing 2 WPT 3.2 kB
nav2_test_navigate_iframe.html PerformanceNavigationTiming.name updated in iframes 1.8 kB
nav2_test_navigate_within_document.html Navigation Timing 2 WPT 3.1 kB
nav2_test_navigation_type_backforward.html Navigation Timing 2 WPT 3.5 kB
nav2_test_navigation_type_navigate.html Navigation Timing 2 WPT 1.2 kB
nav2_test_navigation_type_reload.html Navigation Timing 2 WPT 2.4 kB
nav2_test_redirect_chain_xserver_partial_opt_in.html Navigation Timing 2 WPT 3.1 kB
nav2_test_redirect_none.html Navigation Timing 2 WPT 1.5 kB
nav2_test_redirect_server.html Navigation Timing 2 WPT 2.3 kB
nav2_test_redirect_xserver.html Navigation Timing 2 WPT 2.5 kB
nav2_test_unique_nav_instances.html Navigation Timing 2 WPT 3.2 kB
po-navigation.html PerformanceObservers: navigation 1.2 kB
secure-connection-start-reuse.https.html Navigation Timing secureconnectionstart reuse 485 Bytes
secure_connection_start_non_zero.https.html secureConnectionStart non-zero value test 669 Bytes
supported_navigation_type.window.js 837 Bytes
test_document_onload.html window.performance.navigation attributes 2.5 kB
test_document_open.html window.performance.timing for dynamically created documents 2.6 kB
test_document_readiness_exist.html document.readyState values exist during a navigation 1.8 kB
test_navigate_within_document.html window.performance.timing in document navigation 2.4 kB
test_navigation_attributes_exist.html window.performance.navigation attributes 1.0 kB
test_navigation_redirectCount_none.html window.performance.navigation.redirectCount on a non-redirected navigation 1.6 kB
test_navigation_type_backforward.html window.navigation.type for back and forward navigations 4.1 kB
test_navigation_type_enums.html window.performance.navigation enums 1.1 kB
test_navigation_type_reload.html window.performance.navigation.type with a reloaded navigation 4.6 kB
test_no_previous_document.html window.performance.timing attributes on an initial navigation 1.9 kB
test_performance_attributes.sub.html 1.3 kB
test_performance_attributes_exist.html window.performance attributes 955 Bytes
test_performance_attributes_exist_in_object.html window.performance attribute exists in an object 1.3 kB
test_readwrite.html window.performance is read/write 1.2 kB
test_timing_attributes_exist.html window.performance.timing attributes 1.0 kB
test_timing_attributes_order.html window.performance.timing attribute ordering on a simple navigation 5.2 kB
test_timing_client_redirect.html window.performance.timing.redirect attributes on a client redirect navigation 2.5 kB
test_timing_reload.html window.performance.timing attributes after a reloaded navigation 3.6 kB
test_timing_server_redirect.html window.performance.timing.redirect attributes on a same-origin server redirected navigation 2.3 kB
test_timing_xserver_redirect.html window.performance.timing.redirect attributes on a cross-origin server redirected navigation 3.3 kB
test_unique_performance_objects.html Each window object has a unique performance object 1.4 kB
unload-event-same-origin-check.html Navigation Timing 2 WPT 7.0 kB