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Name Description Modified (UTC) Size
GUM-api.https.html getUserMedia: test that getUserMedia is present 924 Bytes
GUM-deny.https.html getUserMedia() triggers error callback when auth is denied 1.5 kB
GUM-empty-option-param.https.html getUserMedia({}) rejects with TypeError 1.4 kB
GUM-impossible-constraint.https.html Trivial mandatory constraint in getUserMedia 1.7 kB
GUM-invalid-facing-mode.https.html Invalid facingMode in getUserMedia 1.0 kB
GUM-non-applicable-constraint.https.html non-applicable constraint in getUserMedia 2.6 kB
GUM-optional-constraint.https.html Optional constraint recognized as optional in getUserMedia 1.4 kB
GUM-trivial-constraint.https.html Trivial mandatory constraint in getUserMedia 1.3 kB
GUM-unknownkey-option-param.https.html getUserMedia({doesnotexist:true}) rejects with TypeError 1.4 kB
META.yml 124 Bytes
MediaDevices-SecureContext.html MediaDevices and SecureContext 643 Bytes
MediaDevices-enumerateDevices-not-allowed-camera.https.html enumerateDevices: test enumerateDevices should not expose camera devices if they are not allowed to 1.5 kB
MediaDevices-enumerateDevices-not-allowed-camera.https.html.headers 30 Bytes
MediaDevices-enumerateDevices-not-allowed-mic.https.html enumerateDevices: test enumerateDevices should not expose microphone devices if they are not allowed 1.5 kB
MediaDevices-enumerateDevices-not-allowed-mic.https.html.headers 34 Bytes
MediaDevices-enumerateDevices-returned-objects.https.html enumerateDevices is returning new MediaDeviceInfo objects every time 1.2 kB
MediaDevices-enumerateDevices.https.html enumerateDevices: test that enumerateDevices is present 2.1 kB
MediaDevices-getSupportedConstraints.https.html Test navigator.mediaDevices.getSupportedConstraints() 1.4 kB
MediaDevices-getUserMedia.https.html getUserMedia: test that mediaDevices.getUserMedia is present 5.4 kB
MediaStream-MediaElement-firstframe.https.html Assigning a MediaStream to a media element and not playing it results in rendering a first frame 4.1 kB
MediaStream-MediaElement-preload-none-manual.https.html Test that the HTMLMediaElement preload 'none' attribute value is ignored for MediaStream used as src 2.9 kB
MediaStream-MediaElement-srcObject.https.html Assigning mediastream to a video element 18.4 kB
MediaStream-add-audio-track.https.html Adding a track to a MediaStream 2.2 kB
MediaStream-audio-only.https.html getUserMedia({audio:true}) creates a stream with at least an audio track 1.7 kB
MediaStream-clone.https.html MediaStream and MediaStreamTrack clone() 4.2 kB
MediaStream-default-feature-policy.https.html 2.2 kB
MediaStream-finished-add.https.html Adding a track to an inactive MediaStream 1.6 kB
MediaStream-gettrackid.https.html Retrieving a track from a MediaStream 1.3 kB
MediaStream-id-manual.https.html getUserMedia() creates a stream with a proper id 1.3 kB
MediaStream-idl.https.html MediaStream constructor algorithm 4.3 kB
MediaStream-removetrack.https.html Removing a track from a MediaStream 5.6 kB
MediaStream-supported-by-feature-policy.html Test that accelerometer is advertised in the feature list 702 Bytes
MediaStream-video-only.https.html getUserMedia({video:true}) creates a stream with one video track 1.7 kB
MediaStreamTrack-MediaElement-disabled-audio-is-silence.https.html A disabled audio track is rendered as silence 2.2 kB
MediaStreamTrack-MediaElement-disabled-video-is-black.https.html A disabled video track is rendered as blackness 2.1 kB
MediaStreamTrack-applyConstraints.https.html MediaStreamTrack applyConstraints 3.3 kB
MediaStreamTrack-end-manual.https.html Test that mediastreamtrack are properly ended 2.1 kB
MediaStreamTrack-getCapabilities.https.html MediaStreamTrack and InputDeviceInfo GetCapabilities 5.1 kB
MediaStreamTrack-getSettings.https.html MediaStreamTrack GetSettings 9.2 kB
MediaStreamTrack-id.https.html Distinct id for distinct mediastream tracks 1.2 kB
MediaStreamTrack-init.https.html getUserMedia({video:true}) creates a stream with a properly initialized video track 1.8 kB
MediaStreamTrackEvent-constructor.https.html MediaStreamTrackEvent constructor 1.5 kB
historical.https.html Historical Media Capture and Streams features 1.1 kB
idlharness.https.window.js 1.4 kB