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META.yml 107 Bytes
basics.tentative.https.any.js 2.5 kB
idle-detection-allowed-by-feature-policy-attribute-redirect-on-load.https.sub.html 1.9 kB
idle-detection-allowed-by-feature-policy-attribute.https.sub.html 1.9 kB
idle-detection-allowed-by-feature-policy.https.sub.html 2.0 kB
idle-detection-allowed-by-feature-policy.https.sub.html.headers 33 Bytes
idle-detection-default-feature-policy.https.sub.html 1.0 kB
idle-detection-disabled-by-feature-policy.https.sub.html 2.2 kB
idle-detection-disabled-by-feature-policy.https.sub.html.headers 38 Bytes
idle-detection.idl 567 Bytes
idlharness.https.any.js 875 Bytes
interceptor.https.html Tests the Idle Detection API 7.2 kB
mock.js This is a testing framework that enables us to test the user idle detection * by intercepting the c 2.3 kB