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Name Description Modified (UTC) Size
Gyroscope-disabled-by-feature-policy.https.html Gyroscope Feature Policy Test: Disabled 411 Bytes
Gyroscope-disabled-by-feature-policy.https.html.headers 33 Bytes
Gyroscope-enabled-by-feature-policy-attribute-redirect-on-load.https.html Gyroscope Feature Policy Test: Enabled by attribute redirect on load 469 Bytes
Gyroscope-enabled-by-feature-policy-attribute.https.html Gyroscope Feature Policy Test: Enabled by attribute 435 Bytes
Gyroscope-enabled-by-feature-policy.https.html Gyroscope Feature Policy Test: Enabled 409 Bytes
Gyroscope-enabled-by-feature-policy.https.html.headers 28 Bytes
Gyroscope-enabled-on-self-origin-by-feature-policy.https.html Gyroscope Feature Policy Test: Enabled on self origin 439 Bytes
Gyroscope-enabled-on-self-origin-by-feature-policy.https.html.headers 33 Bytes
Gyroscope-iframe-access.https.html Gyroscope iframe test 622 Bytes
Gyroscope-supported-by-feature-policy.html Test that gyroscope is advertised in the feature list 534 Bytes
Gyroscope.https.html Gyroscope Test 836 Bytes
Gyroscope_insecure_context.html Gyroscope Test: insecure context 576 Bytes
META.yml 102 Bytes
idlharness.https.window.js 291 Bytes