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Name Description Modified (UTC) Size
CSSTest These fonts were created to support the testing of the font features
adobe-fonts CSS Orientation Test
AD.woff 15.4 kB
Ahem.ttf 21.8 kB
Ahem.ttf.headers 59 Bytes
CanvasTest.ttf 2.5 kB
CanvasTest.ttf.headers 28 Bytes
GentiumPlus-R.woff 622.7 kB
META.yml 47 Bytes
README.md This directory only contains auxiliary font files used by other tests. See 367 Bytes
Revalia.woff 15.6 kB
Scheherazade-Regular.woff 180.8 kB
ahem.css 98 Bytes
ahem.css.headers 65 Bytes
mplus-1p-regular.woff 803.3 kB
sileot-webfont.woff 59.1 kB
tcu-font.woff 85.2 kB