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Name Description Modified (UTC) Size
META.yml 73 Bytes
auxclick.html Event Timing auxclick. 534 Bytes
buffered-and-duration-threshold.html Event Timing: PerformanceObserver with buffered flag and durationThreshold 1.9 kB
buffered-flag.html Event Timing: PerformanceObserver sees entries with buffered flag 1.9 kB
click-timing.html Event Timing: compare timing of two long clicks 2.4 kB
click.html Event Timing click. 528 Bytes
contextmenu.html Event Timing contextmenu. 638 Bytes
crossiframe.html Event Timing: entries should be observable by its own frame. 3.5 kB
dblclick.html Event Timing dblclick. 561 Bytes
disconnect-target.html 1.3 kB
event-click-counts.html Event Timing: eventCounts. 1.6 kB
event-counts-zero.html Event Timing: eventCounts. 1.6 kB
event-retarget.html 1.4 kB
first-input-shadow-dom.html 1.6 kB
idlharness.any.js 385 Bytes
large-duration-threshold.html Event Timing: PerformanceObserver with a durationThreshold of 125 634 Bytes
medium-duration-threshold.html Event Timing: PerformanceObserver with a durationThreshold of 50 631 Bytes
min-duration-threshold.html Event Timing: PerformanceObserver with a durationThreshold less than 16 643 Bytes
mousedown.html Event Timing mousedown. 573 Bytes
mouseenter.html Event Timing mouseenter. 563 Bytes
mouseleave.html Event Timing mouseleave. 563 Bytes
mouseout.html Event Timing mouseout. 582 Bytes
mouseover.html Event Timing mouseover. 584 Bytes
mouseup.html Event Timing mouseup. 530 Bytes
only-observe-firstInput.html Event Timing: only observe the first input 1.9 kB
pointerdown.html Event Timing pointerdown. 575 Bytes
pointerenter.html Event Timing pointerenter. 567 Bytes
pointerleave.html Event Timing pointerleave. 567 Bytes
pointerout.html Event Timing pointerout. 586 Bytes
pointerover.html Event Timing pointerover. 588 Bytes
pointerup.html Event Timing pointerup. 534 Bytes
programmatic-click-not-observed.html 2.1 kB
retrievability.html Event Timing: make sure 'event' entries are not retrievable by performance.getEntries* APIs. 1.8 kB
retrieve-firstInput.html Event Timing: first-input entry should be buffered even without observer 1.4 kB
supported-types.window.js 736 Bytes
timingconditions.html Event Timing only times certain types of trusted event. 2.9 kB
toJSON.html Event Timing: toJSON 1.4 kB