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Name Description Modified (UTC) Size
META.yml 73 Bytes
buffered-flag.html Event Timing: PerformanceObserver sees entries with buffered flag 1.9 kB
click-timing.html Event Timing: compare timing of two long clicks 2.4 kB
crossiframe.html Event Timing: entries should be observable by its own frame. 3.3 kB
idlharness.any.js 385 Bytes
only-observe-firstInput.html Event Timing: only observe the first input 1.9 kB
programmatic-click-not-observed.html 2.0 kB
retrievability.html Event Timing: make sure 'event' entries are not retrievable by performance.getEntries* APIs. 1.7 kB
retrieve-firstInput.html Event Timing: first-input entry should be buffered even without observer 1.4 kB
supported-types.window.js 652 Bytes
timingconditions.html Event Timing only times certain types of trusted event. 2.5 kB
toJSON.html Event Timing: toJSON 1.4 kB