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META.yml 93 Bytes
README.md Tests for the [Files and Directory Entries API](https://github.com/wicg/entries-api) 531 Bytes
errors-manual.html Entries API: Errors manual test 2.2 kB
file-webkitRelativePath-manual.html Entries API: File webitRelativePath manual test 1.2 kB
filesystem-manual.html Entries API: FileSystem manual test 1.3 kB
filesystemdirectoryentry-attributes-manual.html Entries API: FileSystemDirectoryEntry attributes manual test 1.6 kB
filesystemdirectoryentry-createReader-manual.html Entries API: FileSystemDirectoryEntry createReader() manual test 864 Bytes
filesystemdirectoryentry-getDirectory-manual.html Entries API: FileSystemDirectoryEntry.getDirectory() manual test 3.9 kB
filesystemdirectoryentry-getFile-manual.html Entries API: FileSystemDirectoryEntry.getFile() manual test 3.7 kB
filesystemdirectoryentry-getParent-manual.html Entries API: FileSystemDirectoryEntry getParent() manual test 606 Bytes
filesystemdirectoryreader-manual.html Entries API: FileSystemDirectoryReader manual test 2.4 kB
filesystementry-attributes-manual.html Entries API: FileSystemEntry attributes manual test 1.2 kB
filesystementry-getParent-manual.html Entries API: FileSystemEntry getParent() manual test 1.1 kB
filesystemfileentry-attributes-manual.html Entries API: FileSystemFileEntry attributes manual test 1.4 kB
filesystemfileentry-file-manual.html Entries API: FileSystemFileEntry file() manual test 1.0 kB
filesystemfileentry-getParent-manual.html Entries API: FileSystemFileEntry getParent() manual test 636 Bytes
idlharness-manual.html Entries API: IDL Tests 1.8 kB
idlharness.html Entries API: IDL Tests 1.2 kB
support.js 3.7 kB