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Name Description Modified (UTC) Size
__dir__.headers 32 Bytes
ar-ISO-8859-6-late.tentative.html ar ISO-8859-6 late 470 Bytes
ar-ISO-8859-6.tentative.html ar ISO-8859-6 408 Bytes
ar-windows-1256-late.tentative.html ar windows-1256 late 478 Bytes
ar-windows-1256.tentative.html ar windows-1256 414 Bytes
ca-windows-1252-late.tentative.html ca windows-1252 late 478 Bytes
ca-windows-1252.tentative.html ca windows-1252 437 Bytes
el-ISO-8859-7-late.tentative.html el ISO-8859-7 late 470 Bytes
el-ISO-8859-7.tentative.html el ISO-8859-7 508 Bytes
el-windows-1253-late.tentative.html el windows-1253 late 478 Bytes
el-windows-1253.tentative.html el windows-1253 514 Bytes
en-windows-1252.tentative.html en windows-1252 414 Bytes
es-maria-windows-1252.html es windows-1252 389 Bytes
es-nuestra-senora-windows-1252.tentative.html es windows-1252 392 Bytes
es-number-one-windows-1252.tentative.html es windows-1252 391 Bytes
es-ordinal-windows-1252.html es windows-1252 391 Bytes
fa-windows-1256-late.tentative.html fa windows-1256 late 478 Bytes
fa-windows-1256.tentative.html fa windows-1256 437 Bytes
fi-windows-1252-late.tentative.html fi windows-1252 late 478 Bytes
fi-windows-1252.tentative.html fi windows-1252 414 Bytes
he-ISO-8859-8-late.tentative.html he ISO-8859-8 late 470 Bytes
he-ISO-8859-8.tentative.html he ISO-8859-8 402 Bytes
he-windows-1255-late.tentative.html he windows-1255 late 478 Bytes
he-windows-1255.tentative.html he windows-1255 408 Bytes
is-windows-1252-late.tentative.html is windows-1252 late 478 Bytes
is-windows-1252.tentative.html is windows-1252 507 Bytes
it-number-one-windows-1252.tentative.html fi windows-1252 390 Bytes
it-ordinal-windows-1252.html it windows-1252 390 Bytes
it-roman-ordinal-windows-1252.html it windows-1252 391 Bytes
it-windows-1252-late.tentative.html it windows-1252 late 478 Bytes
it-windows-1252.tentative.html it windows-1252 430 Bytes
ja-EUC-JP-late.tentative.html ja EUC-JP late 454 Bytes
ja-EUC-JP.tentative.html ja EUC-JP 389 Bytes
ja-ISO-2022-JP-late.tentative.html ja ISO-2022-JP late 474 Bytes
ja-ISO-2022-JP.tentative.html ja ISO-2022-JP 410 Bytes
ja-Shift_JIS-late.tentative.html ja Shift_JIS late 466 Bytes
ja-Shift_JIS.tentative.html ja Shift_JIS 398 Bytes
ko-EUC-KR-late.tentative.html ko EUC-KR late 454 Bytes
ko-EUC-KR.tentative.html ko EUC-KR 401 Bytes
lt-windows-1257-late.tentative.html lt windows-1257 late 478 Bytes
lt-windows-1257.tentative.html lt windows-1257 538 Bytes
lv-windows-1257-late.tentative.html lv windows-1257 late 478 Bytes
lv-windows-1257.tentative.html 540 Bytes
nbsp-even-windows-1252.tentative.html nbsp even windows-1252 412 Bytes
nbsp-odd-windows-1252.tentative.html nbsp odd windows-1252 413 Bytes
pl-ISO-8859-2-late.tentative.html pl ISO-8859-2 late 470 Bytes
pl-ISO-8859-2.tentative.html pl ISO-8859-2 524 Bytes
pl-windows-1250-late.tentative.html pl windows-1250 late 478 Bytes
pl-windows-1250.tentative.html pl windows-1250 530 Bytes
pt-windows-1252-late.tentative.html pt windows-1252 late 478 Bytes
pt-windows-1252.tentative.html pt windows-1252 432 Bytes
ru-IBM866-late.tentative.html ru IBM866 late 454 Bytes
ru-IBM866.tentative.html ru IBM866 397 Bytes
ru-ISO-8859-5-late.tentative.html ru ISO-8859-5 late 470 Bytes
ru-ISO-8859-5.tentative.html ru ISO-8859-5 409 Bytes
th-windows-874-late.tentative.html th windows-874 late 474 Bytes
th-windows-874.tentative.html th windows-874 415 Bytes
tr-windows-1254-late.tentative.html tr windows-1254 late 478 Bytes
tr-windows-1254.tentative.html tr windows-1254 518 Bytes
uk-KOI8-U-late.tentative.html uk KOI8-U late 454 Bytes
uk-KOI8-U.tentative.html uk KOI8-U 399 Bytes
uk-windows-1251-late.tentative.html uk windows-1251 late 478 Bytes
uk-windows-1251.tentative.html uk windows-1251 417 Bytes
utf-8.html UTF-8 418 Bytes
vi-windows-1258-late.tentative.html vi windows-1258 late 478 Bytes
vi-windows-1258.tentative.html vi windows-1258 430 Bytes
yi-windows-1255-late.tentative.html yi windows-1255 late 478 Bytes
yi-windows-1255.tentative.html yi windows-1255 435 Bytes
zh-Big5-late.tentative.html zh Big5 late 446 Bytes
zh-Big5.tentative.html zh Big5 385 Bytes
zh-GBK-late.tentative.html zh GBK late 442 Bytes
zh-GBK.tentative.html zh GBK 382 Bytes