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001.html XPath in text/html: elements 2.3 kB
002.html XPath in text/html: attributes 3.0 kB
META.yml 91 Bytes
README.md # XPath 317 Bytes
booleans.html 2.2 kB
callback-interface.html XPathNSResolver implements callback interface 3.6 kB
document.tentative.html XPath parent of documentElement 1.6 kB
evaluator-constructor.html XPathEvaluator constructor 514 Bytes
fn-concat.html 575 Bytes
fn-contains.html 584 Bytes
fn-lang.html 2.3 kB
fn-normalize-space.html 929 Bytes
fn-starts-with.html 589 Bytes
fn-substring-after.html 613 Bytes
fn-substring-before.html 616 Bytes
fn-substring.html 601 Bytes
fn-translate.html 623 Bytes
helpers.js 569 Bytes
lexical-structure.html 1.1 kB
node-sets.html 846 Bytes
numbers.html 1.7 kB
predicates.html 864 Bytes
xml_xpath_runner.html XPath tests 2.1 kB
xml_xpath_tests.xml 2.3 MB