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Name Description Modified (UTC) Size
content-dpr-various-elements-ref.html Content-DPR: various elements 1.5 kB
content-dpr-various-elements.html Content-DPR: various elements 1.7 kB
image-pseudo-element-content-dpr-ref.html Content-DPR: pseudo elements 435 Bytes
image-pseudo-element-content-dpr.html Content-DPR: pseudo elements 593 Bytes
image-with-content-dpr-and-explicit-dimensions-ref.html Content-DPR: render natural size 325 Bytes
image-with-content-dpr-and-explicit-dimensions.html Content-DPR: with size attributes 586 Bytes
image-with-dpr-header.html 2.9 kB
tiled-background-image-with-content-dpr-ref.html Content-DPR: css tiled background 679 Bytes
tiled-background-image-with-content-dpr.html Content-DPR: css tiled background 743 Bytes
tiled-background-svg-image-with-content-dpr-ref.html Content-DPR: css tiled background 679 Bytes
tiled-background-svg-image-with-content-dpr.html Content-DPR: css tiled background 749 Bytes