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security-features This directory contains the common infrastructure for the following tests (also referred below as pr
META.yml 44 Bytes
PrefixedLocalStorage.js Supports pseudo-"namespacing" localStorage for a given test * by generating and using a unique pref 4.3 kB
PrefixedLocalStorage.js.headers 45 Bytes
PrefixedPostMessage.js Supports pseudo-"namespacing" for window-posted messages for a given test * by generating and using 3.9 kB
PrefixedPostMessage.js.headers 45 Bytes
README.md The files in this directory are non-infrastructure support files that can be used by tests. 594 Bytes
arrays.js Callback for checking equality of c and d. * * @callback equalityCallback * @param {*} c * @para 687 Bytes
blank.html 0 Bytes
domain-setter.sub.html A page that will likely be same-origin-domain but not same-origin 184 Bytes
dummy.xhtml 123 Bytes
dummy.xml 30 Bytes
echo.py 311 Bytes
get-host-info.sub.js Host information for cross-origin tests. * @returns {Object} with properties for different host inf 2.5 kB
get-host-info.sub.js.headers 45 Bytes
media.js Returns the URL of a supported video source based on the user agent * @param {string} base - media 1.3 kB
media.js.headers 45 Bytes
object-association.js Run tests for window[propertyName] after discarding the browsing context, navigating, etc. * @param 2.4 kB
object-association.js.headers 45 Bytes
performance-timeline-utils.js author: W3C http://www.w3.org/ help: http://www.w3.org/TR/navigation-timing/#sec-window.performance- 2.0 kB
performance-timeline-utils.js.headers 45 Bytes
redirect-opt-in.py Simple handler that causes redirection. The request should typically have two query parameters: 595 Bytes
redirect.py Simple handler that causes redirection. The request should typically have two query parameters: 546 Bytes
reftest-wait.js Remove the `reftest-wait` class on the document element. * The reftest runner will wait with taking 597 Bytes
reftest-wait.js.headers 45 Bytes
rendering-utils.js Waits until we have at least one frame rendered, regardless of the engine. * * @returns {Promise} 559 Bytes
sab.js 519 Bytes
slow.py 83 Bytes
stringifiers.js Runs tests for <http://heycam.github.io/webidl/#es-stringifier>. * @param {Object} aObject - object 1.6 kB
stringifiers.js.headers 45 Bytes
subset-tests-by-key.js 2.4 kB
subset-tests.js 2.0 kB
test-setting-immutable-prototype.js 2.7 kB
test-setting-immutable-prototype.js.headers 45 Bytes
text-plain.txt 70 Bytes
utils.js Create an absolute URL from `options` and defaulting unspecified properties to `window.location`. * 2.4 kB
utils.js.headers 45 Bytes
worklet-reftest.js Imports code into a worklet. E.g. * * importWorklet(CSS.paintWorklet, {url: 'script.js'}); * impo 1.3 kB
worklet-reftest.js.headers 45 Bytes