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Name Description Modified (UTC) Size
META.yml 92 Bytes
battery-allowed-by-feature-policy-attribute-redirect-on-load.https.sub.html 988 Bytes
battery-allowed-by-feature-policy-attribute.https.sub.html 957 Bytes
battery-allowed-by-feature-policy.https.sub.html 935 Bytes
battery-allowed-by-feature-policy.https.sub.html.headers 26 Bytes
battery-allowed-in-same-origin-iframe.https.html Battery Test: navigator.getBattery() is allowed in same origin iframe 891 Bytes
battery-charging-manual.https.html Battery Test: battery neither empty or full, charger plugged in 1.8 kB
battery-default-feature-policy.https.sub.html 941 Bytes
battery-disabled-by-feature-policy.https.sub.html 986 Bytes
battery-disabled-by-feature-policy.https.sub.html.headers 31 Bytes
battery-disallowed-in-cross-origin-iframe.https.sub.html Battery Test: navigator.getBattery() is not allowed in cross origin iframe 1.1 kB
battery-discharging-manual.https.html Battery Test: battery neither empty or full, charger unplugged in 1.8 kB
battery-full-manual.https.html Battery Test: battery full, charger plugged in 1.3 kB
battery-insecure-context.html Battery Test: navigator.getBattery() shall throw "SecurityError" in an insecure context 805 Bytes
battery-plugging-in-manual.https.html Battery Test: battery not full, charger plugging in 4.0 kB
battery-promise-window.https.html Battery Test: window.open() makes a different Navigator object 920 Bytes
battery-promise.https.html Battery Test: navigator.getBattery() always return same battery promise 820 Bytes
battery-unplugging-manual.https.html Battery Test: charger unplugging 3.6 kB
idlharness.https.window.js 368 Bytes
support-iframe.html 59 Bytes
support-window-open.html 278 Bytes