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Name Description Modified (UTC) Size
tools Vocabulary Exercising Tools
01-validJSON-LD-manual.html Ensure Vocabulary JSON-LD is valid 741 Bytes
02-context-to-triples-manual.html JSON-LD context document can be used to convert JSON-LD serialized Annotations into RDF triples 794 Bytes
03-graphs-are-isomorphic-manual.html Graphs produced are isomorphic 733 Bytes
04-graphs-convert-lossless-manual.html Graphs produced can be converted back into JSON-LD with no loss 794 Bytes
05-ontology-parsed-as-valid-manual.html Ontology can be parsed without errors 453 Bytes
06-ontology-internally-consistent-manual.html Ontology is internally consistent 523 Bytes
META.yml 82 Bytes