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Name Description Modified (UTC) Size
Determining-Encoding.html FileAPI Test: Blob Determining Encoding 3.3 kB
FileReader-event-handler-attributes.html FileReader event handler attributes 585 Bytes
FileReader-multiple-reads.html FileReader: starting new reads while one is in progress 3.5 kB
filereader_abort.html FileAPI Test: filereader_abort 2.0 kB
filereader_error.html FileAPI Test: filereader_error 1.1 kB
filereader_events.any.js 916 Bytes
filereader_file-manual.html FileAPI Test: filereader_file 2.3 kB
filereader_file_img-manual.html FileAPI Test: filereader_file_img 1.7 kB
filereader_readAsArrayBuffer.html FileAPI Test: filereader_readAsArrayBuffer 1.2 kB
filereader_readAsBinaryString.html FileAPI Test: filereader_readAsBinaryString 1.0 kB
filereader_readAsDataURL.html FileAPI Test: FileReader.readAsDataURL 1.6 kB
filereader_readAsText.html FileAPI Test: filereader_readAsText 1.8 kB
filereader_readystate.html FileAPI Test: filereader_readystate 974 Bytes
filereader_result.html FileAPI Test: filereader_result 3.6 kB