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Name Description Modified (UTC) Size
File-constructor-endings.html File constructor: endings option 3.7 kB
File-constructor.html File constructor 5.9 kB
Worker-read-file-constructor.worker.js 548 Bytes
send-file-form-iso-2022-jp.tentative.html Upload files in ISO-2022-JP form (tentative) 2.4 kB
send-file-form-utf-8.html Upload files in UTF-8 form 2.0 kB
send-file-form-windows-1252.tentative.html Upload files in Windows-1252 form (tentative) 2.3 kB
send-file-form-x-user-defined.tentative.html Upload files in x-user-defined form (tentative) 2.4 kB
send-file-form.html Upload ASCII-named file in UTF-8 form 877 Bytes